Saturday, March 14, 2009

Democracy erected, vandalized and melted.

Perak is having a big political crisis. Now, it is not clear who going to run the state government. Constitution dictate that only one can run the country but at the same time a new MB and cabinet was elected and then being banned from representing the people in the state assembly.

It looks like no one will step aside in this power struggle process. Everyone was so busy to play political chess without thinking the people who elected them first. No matter it is from Pakatan or Barisan Nasional, their thoughts are not about the people. It was not the change that we seek.

I don't really know why the Pakatan want to erect a Tugu Democracy at the first place. Although this was an honor act but others might not feel comfortable at this. Few days after it was built, the Tugu Democracy was vandalized and was melted few days later.

Malaysia democracy is just like this Tugu Democracy. We can create a democracy environment if we really want it. The people has the power to change and save the country if we willing to stay together and demand the changes. The political process that available in our country gave us the chance to do change. In the latest elections that almost see the Pakatan Rakyat won the election if not of their own technical mistake in Sabah and Sarawak side.

Perak people choose to change. Thou, some state representative choose not to change and it all back to business as usual. Pakatan is not giving up on their quest to maintain power by banning those new government members. Then all hell breaks loose. At the moment, no legitimate parties that can government the land. It up to the court to decide due to the constitution technical problem that I believe started when the Sultan of Perak don't disband the state assembly.

The state of Perak fate looks like the Tugu Democracy that was erected in the nearby assembly hall. It was built to mark the first ever assembly that done outside the compound of the hall. I personally believe this is the most significant event in the political history of the Perak state and maybe Malaysia. The Tugu was not holding for a long time when some fascist groups vandalize it and then melted it to ground.

I feel sad when those people destroying some peace of important historical event to the democracy process in the state. It feels like some fascist group is mocking the democracy process in the Perak state. At least not as what democracy run in their mind. The democracy process in Perak are being vandalized and melted by those people that we choose to represent us in the democracy process.

Link: Tugu Democracy sabotaged for the second time in two days

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