Monday, March 17, 2008

Chicken and duck talk in Parliment

I found this parliament clip in Youtube in which a simple question and answer session turn out to be a very nasty argument between parliamentary representatives Sothinathan, Lim Kit Siang and Fong Po Kuan. The opposition is very famous with their verbal skills in public in election campaign but easily gets misunderstood over some simple phrase uttered by their opponent.

This session i believe suppose to be a simple question and answer session where MP Lim Kit Siang try to debate an issue where the municipal raise the house tax and gave warning this act will upset the people and might drive the Barisan National to lost the next general election in which by now it true. Then i remembered a clip by two Indian comedians from comedycourt in which resemblance the parliament session as i mentioned.

The obvious thing i find is very similar in these two clips is the language. I have a problem to understand what they are saying in the first view until I replay it all over again. The parliamentary session between Sothinathan and Lim Kit Siang suppose to be a gentlemen debate but turn out to be a bit nasty when Lim Kit Siang cry out of the politic issue. The rest of the argument is purely a misunderstanding of what each other said.

I very appreciate to know the MP form opposition is so verbally active to voice out the public problem, but I find it so hard to swallow the language skills they have when spoke it in Malay. The debate that turns out to be a nasty argument again turns out to be a comical entertainment for all the MP. I hope that the Parliament will not be like the Taiwan nasty session especially now the opposition gains a great deal of MP seats in which I believe will create more heated session between the ruling government and the opposition MP.

I hope that all the Chinese and Indian MP especially in the opposition side resolved to hire a Malay language specialist or get tuition to improve their language and communication skills. I don't want the opposition and the government MP ended up misunderstands each other and ended up talking chicken and duck.


josie said...

happy easter

lynnx01 said...

Talking chicken and duck.. so true! It happens not only in the parliament but also in many other situations as well.

Jefferi said...

lynnx01: yes.. other situation too such as in workplace communication and relationship communication.


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