Friday, April 18, 2008

Food poisoning at SAM Bestari in USJ 5

I read a post from Subang Jaya ADUN Hannah Yeoh describe his visit to SAM Bestari in USJ 5 after hearing a report of food poisoning. I heard that incident too at the news and find this was not the way food should be prepared. Recently i watch Ramsay Gordon's TV series Kitchen Nightmares that was about a really bad condition restaurant. I did wrote a post about the chef and giving my own opinion of the local restaurant that not clean operating serving food to the public.

I was so surprised to know that the principal was only gave a stern warning to the operator of his misconduct. I believe the operator should be terminated from selling food to people for period of years. Thou, i believe will not be happening as there will not be any action from the government. I hope the states representative Hannah Yeoh will personally look at this case and advocate for stern action against this canteen operator from selling food to the public and even to students. I wish that she will not too careful and afraid of public backslash over any action that she will take against this operator because this incident was a good example to make the record straight and be a reminder to other food operator that neglected to make sure cleanliness over their premises and food.


SR215 said...

I think Health Ministry should put much focus and work on school canteen operator.

Rate school canteen like they rate the restaurant, food court, etc.

Just my opinion.

SR215 said...

sorry.. *more

Jefferi said...

yes.. true. but it was the school fault too because didn't do check on the kitchen regularly.


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