Friday, April 11, 2008

UMNO's blogger counter attack front liner

Recently, i saw the growing of blog by some UMNO strong members. I don't know how many strong UMNO members out there starting to blog but there are few that i found. The most controversial blog is Khairy Jamaluddin with his constituency website. Thou, the problem is his blog was not updated since after the election. There are some annoying video clip playing automatically in order to project his ambitious political propaganda and images. Then he changed to a more down tune to moderate and suburban taste also with an annoying music on it. I had to admit that the site design was good and served the purpose as a propaganda machine and believe his money well spent on it. The problem was the content was outdated and since after the election there were no new post. The content on his blog was mainly to counter attack Anwar Ibrahim claims on some policies was done when he in power with his father in law in power. It looks like Anwar Ibrahim consistency posting updates in his blog really do make different and most of the reader seem to get personal updates on his recent trip to Indonesia. Khairy 0, Anwar 1.

The second UMNO strong member blog is from Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo. Today, UMNO really start to acknowledge the important of blogging. I still remember one MP telling the people that the all bloggers was a liar or woman. It is such a lame to say on that moment and now they got spitted by their own words. Dr Khir Toyo's blog just went up few moments ago created a blog has started to get work by tackling the pig farm issue in Selangor. His main rival is Teresa Kok who posted her own version of explanation and argument on the issue. Dr Khir Toyo even posted up his own explanation of the pig farm issue even while on during his haj. I don't think his mind at peace when all the fun and fight happening in here. At the moment I can say Dr Khir Toyo 1, Teresa Kok 1. Let the best argument with based with proof win the argument.

The next UMNO strong member blog is from Malaca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam. The main issue that posted in his blog is about Pakatan Rakyat. He argues about the importance and reality check on this pakatan that he convinces it is not going to work. His argument was that there were lots of differences among the three main party and without understanding and agreement, those pakatan will not going to work and this will be a disaster to the people. I guess his fair opponent on this issue is Lim Kit Siang. Lim Kit Siang has propagating the Pakatan Rakyat idea to the people as an alternative to Barisan Nasional after their wins of several states. His blog consisted lots of issues and i don't know most of the post was written by him or not. Some post was written or posted with approval in his blog to widen more issues to the readers. Pakatan Rakyat idea still strong with Lim Kit Siang but with lots of issues to covers and post in the blog, it went down and become cold. It look like Mohd Ali Rustam choose to take on the Pakatan Rakyat issue and Lim Kit Siang is the main contender to a debate and argument didn’t give any good fight to him. At the moment, I have to give Mohd Ali Rustam 1, and Lim Kit Siang 0. Lim Kit Siang blog covers too much political issues that he is so busy to post a counter argument in his blog fast.

These are few blog I found interesting to put up. I have not yet discover any new UMNO strong member blog or any BN component party blog to stand on the front line on taking against the opposition blog in internet space. I believe, internet age gave a new fair platform for political war. The old media such as television and newspaper print that believe to be bias and tend more to ruling government was slowly eliminated. The importance of this old media machine was still significant because there are small percentages of population such as the elder don’t have an access to internet. At the moment, I believe the opposition party still got the strong hold on this internet space because of their earlier utilization of this media. With the new waves of Barisan Nasional blogger in the front line, this war of overflow information and argument will be the pinnacle of Malaysia political platform in future. The people will not be pushed as a flock of lamb or cows anymore because the government lost their strong grip of withholding information and news. I look beyond to a mass overflow of information in these few years and we have to starts to do a own censorship of whatever we read in the internet.

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