Wednesday, April 30, 2008

News Caption: Temporary TNB tower collapses killing one, injuring four.

KOTA KINABALU: A fast track Tenaga Nasional Berhad transmission tower to replace the one stolen by scrap metal thieves collapsed, killing a man and injuring four others.

The Star

Scrap mental thieves now really put themselves in a spot light today. First they caused a total blackout to statewide with their act and now people died and injured because of their act. I wonder how this thief thought of their little act when the mess they done caused pain and sorrow and pain to workers families. The dead was identified the dead as Mohd Hairrisham Mohhamad and injured were Hamran Mohamad, Vijaya Kumar A/L Velayutham, Adnan Hassan and Khairul Azman Che Soh who were all treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

I remembered a news I read few weeks earlier that wrote about the metal scrap dealer regretted action by the appointment of a sole agent to purchase scrap iron in the state despite their strong objection. I understand their hesitation of this action because this would eventually stop their business for good. In other different of view, I felt this scrap metal dealer don't even care and acknowledge that their business has caused lots of problem to the government and the people of sabah. I hope with this incident, they will realize the need to control the scrap metal industries in sabah so that problem and mess can be halted and stopped.

Nevertheless, I still think the government should take over of this industries because it already running out of control. With the price of metal scrap run high today, metal scrap not the only metal traded but also the metal that so important to the infrastructure of the community and the state. I read many news of thief incident to the power facilities and sometimes even caused major blackout to the city. I doubt the metal scrap dealer knew nothing when they buy those scrap metal from the people that sold to them. I hope they not denied and ignore the fact that they also play some part and responsible over this incident that caused death and injuries.

I believe that the metal thieves should be arrested, charged and jailed for involuntary homicide. This strict action hopefully can be a reminder of any scrap metal thieves to think twice before they plug out some screws and metals from any places. The government should be serious to handle these problems that already turn to a really bad situation with death and injuries incident happened. The more they wait to resolve the problem, the more mess and problem it would be to the public.

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