Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sabah MP got no balls to represent the people

It was written in The Star Online "PM agrees to look into more government posts for Sabah leaders". This makes me think what more Abdullah Badawi can give anymore to some of greedy sabahan MP. Abdullah Badawi had announced a line of Minister consist mostly of his former minister while some big hot shot especially Samy Vellu was dropped out from the main cabinet. This decision made the Sabah people felt their supports were not appreciated. This recent election do reminded me another incident that I compared where Sabah and Sarawak for the second time save the UMNO from losing the election.

Mei 13 1969 incident (Malay Version, English Version) is the most taboo to thing be discussed even in a peaceful time today. I will not go forward on this event but would like to point the aftermath of this incident that lead to the dissolve of the latest election win with Tunku Abdul Rahman kicked out Singapore from Malaysia Federation and take over back the government in the fresh election with 2/3 majority win. Many believed most votes to secure a wins were from the big supports Sabah and Sarawak people.

Other than cabinet minister position issue, there are some more issues that being discussed that were,

> Acknowledging that the request for more Cabinet representation from Sabah “had its merits”,
> Closing down the Federal Development Sabah Department,
> Employing more Sabahan in the Federal civil service,
> Boosting rural development,
> Tackling the serious illegal immigration problem, and
> Studying the need for a special ministry for Sabah and Sarawak.

In a glance, it was thought to be a fair deal to the Sabah and Sarawak people. Never does one know most of the discussed issues were old issues that were promised for many years ago. Were the Sabah and Sarawak people loyalty were repaid with a promised that they supposed to kept and do many years ago? One of the most important issue that supposed to be kept on the first day Sabah and Sarawak joined the Malaysia Federation is the development of the urban and rural places in this state. The federal government failed very much to keep their part of bargain to develop many part of Sabah area after that but still keep using profits gained from the Sabah natural resource to develop their own states and region. At the same time, Sabah was forgotten for many years surpassing many chief ministers by local parties until UMNO gain power.

By neglecting their part of preposition that supposed to be their responsibility, the government that mainly ran by peninsular again and again fooled the urban and rural people of Sabah with empty promises and just executed their promises slowly just for win the general election. To make it worst, our local representatives were so lame and just point out issues that was outdated and suppose to be kept many general election ago. Issues such as illegal immigration turn legal and natives that were actually caused by those local representatives who just badly want to win their seats. Those of this desperate and dirty technique create a greater problem to the population structure that cannot be reversed.

I don't think Abdullah Badawi really honest on his word. By only agreeing to look over this issues was not really a strong statement to be presented Sabah and Sarawak people. Abdullah Badawi has failed to convince and show the people of Sabah and Sarawak of his sincerity of change to his administration management. Meeting up and doing discussion supposed to his job as a Prime Minister and not after some retaliation among the Sabahan selfish representative who threaten to frog jump to opposition side.

Sabah representative at this point failed to do send a strong message to the UMNO on some others issues and caused Sabah to be undeveloped for many years. Only by Sabah UMNO via Central UMNO administration, development can be seen running in the state. The local representative had their own chances to do run the state that have lots of natural resource but done less development than UMNO did for few term after gain power in Sabah. To make the matter worst, the local representatives are just busy thinking how to climb higher for their political ambition and trying to cheat the Sabah people with this lame nonsense issues to PM Abdullah Badawi. With this kind of mentality, I rather let go of our status as an autonomy state in Malaysia Federation and just let those qualify people from peninsular to run this states.


SR215 said...

Hi Jeff.

Very thoughtful this one.

While I agree at your points, however I have to applaud the brave move of one Minister asking the Govt why there are 10 new staff from Semenanjung to work in Sabah FM, instead of local Sabahan.

This kind of issue has been the talk of the town in Labuan for ages, simply for seeing local Labuan moved out from Labuan to find job at other places, while our own island slowly dominated by those from the West.

Not to say we're trying to act supremacy, but when there's like 70% of the position in any government bodies handled by the West, local Labuan have to leave to get a job they can get. Keep in mind, Labuan job market is really narrow. We have to breathe all we have until there's no more space for us.

Have a good day!

Jefferi said...

sr215, i guess sabahan no longer able to take care sabah state anymore. previous local party was given chances to run the state but all they do is to filling up their pocket with people money. i remember former chief minister osu sukam gambled out the people tax money and not with his. it really turn many sabahan off for long time. now, i don't really dare to think what will happen to sabah in future. i wish that whoever got the power really put the people first even he has the intention to filling up his pocket.


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