Monday, April 21, 2008

News caption and my thoughts: Mazu Statue

I was intrigue by an article i read at Daily Express that wrote on that a sabotage that linked to Mazu issue.

It look like LDP still don't want to let go of this issue go. I don't understand why this project such a hard to forget because honestly as a sabahan, i don't think this project benefits the majority of sabahan included the chinese. I would like to quote a text from this article as below,

KK chinese was sad and angry. That was why everybody said, we want to change. If opposition in sabah had cooperate, we would have lost the chinese seats. The government must continue the project. Datuk Seri, please pass this message to top leadership". She said to BN Wanita and UMNO Wanita Chief Datuk Seri Paduka Rafidah Aziz at BN supreme wanita council meeting last friday.

Naomi Chong trying to put herself and LDP as a sole representative to sabahan chinese that i find it quite ridiculous. I am a KK chinese and i'm not sad and angry but instead happy that self benefits projects was stopped. I don't see any good come out from this project but more controversial manipulation and money making for certain parties to earn more money for their retirement fund.

By making these statement to lame duck ex Minister Rafizah Aziz surely put herself to a lame duck situation and herself a lame duck status. Even thou Rafidah Aziz still the holding the UMNO top post, she not in the position to approve any sabah's government decision. The persuasion of this issue will going to make it a big issue where UMNO based government will not allow any temple and churches to be build anymore. This was happening in all peninsular states where it was so difficult to build a church rather than a temple.

The claim that Mazu issue linked to the sabotage in the general election was not true. Mazu issue was never being an issue of Sabah people especially the local chinese. Most of local chinese don't care if the statue was there or not because they are christian and not working as a fisherman. LDP action on pursuing this issue will make not help the party in long term because this was a personal vendetta issue between two corrupted minister and not to about the Chinese community interest generally.

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