Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chong Kah Kiat and his Ma Chai Ma Tzu Goddess Statue

As predicted by many people, the resignation by Chong Kah Kiat cause by the cancellation of his Ma Tzu Goddess Statue. Yes, I really mean that the statues are actually belonging to Chong Kah Kiat himself and his “ma chai”. I understand the need of having a Ma Tzu Statue at the upper costal Kudat as an offering to the sea goddess for the safety of all fishermen who venture out to sea to catch fish, but never seem to understand why tourist attraction become the main issue that was pushed out.

I read article by mainstream such as Daily Express, and theStar and alternative news in the internet. Freedom of religion is the main issue brought up by supporter as an argument to continue building the statue, meanwhile people who against the project said the statue compromised Islamic law when it is located near a mosque. Both of the arguments are actually pieces of shit crab. As mention in my previous blog post, there are no losses for the Chinese community from Chong Kah Kiat resignation. The conflict as predicted and know by many Sabahan is a vendetta revenge game by Musa Aman and Kah Kiat where previously Chong Kah Kiat cause Musa Aman lost his Sipadan’s and few more resort development. I cannot give any proof of this claim but this is fact and still circulating among the publics.

I believe the Sabah once more has being drag again to personal issue by this two big fat liar minister. This issue not bring any good to the public generally, but dividing and hurting the racial integrations more. Chong Kah Kiat do more harm than good to the Chinese community and Sabahan when he plan to build a record breaking statue in which the actual purpose is for his own benefit and to promote his name along with the statue and secure his unlimited source of income to his “ma chai” through this tourist attraction business. This is why he fought so hard on this issue because it has compromised his future retirement investment.

The good things that came out from this one are we know better the real face of this both top minister. A big and fat liar corrupted minister.

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