Friday, November 24, 2006

Comment Post: Grandma

Below this are my comment post in Applegal's Blog entry. She blog about her visit to her granny's place and having a good time. Some memories shared to us in which it is a nice relax blog reading. I have my own shares of it too and i did share it back in this comment post below.

gurl, you must be kidding me if you doesn't able to speak fluent in hakka. for all these days, i thought that you're local KK gurl but seems that i was wrong. :)

it's quite sad for not being able to communicate with your grannies in full understanding. for your grannies to share her experience and yours to your grannies is priceless. both might not agree with each other but it will be a most nice moment in life to be learn together.

i am also never have the chance tp get to know my granny as well before she died. all grand children have a fear over her as we thought she was a fierce lady but i was wrong. during her sick and weak period on the age of 90+, i have a good and brief moment listening to her share of experience on life as most of the time she mumbling a lots. my mom did her share turn on taking care her with my aunt. for these years i know that we losing her day by day.

she died while I'm on my first year in KL. it quite sad to know that, but deep in me i feel relieve that her suffering ends and she is now with god. dying in an old ages is a celebration for our culture and some other culture. so nothing to be sad about actually.

i believe that you have a good relationship with your granny. i witness a granny and grand daughter relationship that is so close. a granny who like to listen to what her grand daughter life experience and exchanges to each others with hers one. I'm so lucky to be shared to her granny experience once a while and some of it being told by the granny herself.

living in modern lifestyle erase lots of the connection within the generation it self. the gap is getting wider and fueled even more by our needs of getting a privacy life without the mother in law nagging and involves with our nice nice and simple nucleus family.

having to see my self getting older and my mom and dad getting older too day by day, i realize that one day it will end. i always telling my self to be appreciate on what we have today although changes is waiting there for us in future. the things that stays and remain is the sweet memories and experience that that was shared.

this post really wake up my inner past memories. i hope that your memories with your granny will stay forever in you. ^_^

Applegal Blog: Grandma


lynnx01 said...

Which reminds me of my own grandmother. I just dreamt of her again a couple of days ago. I miss her dearly. I really miss her. I still cannot accept that she's gone. I would begin to think of the mornings when I was so energetic to wake up early to go breakfast with her. I remember once I was so sleepy but had to drive her to hospital, she made that coffee for me and asked me to drink. I miss my Mama.. I used to sometime find it hard to communicate with her because my mandarin is poor, but she could still understand despite it all. I miss her.. Writing this comment makes me cry once again. But I don't mind the tears.

Jefferi said...

ya i know that.. she is so close in your heart.

kongponleu88 said...

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