Monday, November 27, 2006

Comment Post: DSLR vs Digital Point and Shoot

This is another long comment i wrote in Applegal's Blog. I wish have this thing while writing my own blog site.
moz: dslr do make a better photo. it doesn't not because of the camera itself but more on the lack experience and knowledge by whoever using it. its like buying a 4wd car and try to drive into jungle without the experience and know how on the rough terrain, then the car will be ended up as a family car at the end.

when i change from automatic digital to dslr, problem is getting a good photo shot. automatic function on dslr camera is not as good as the point and shoot digital camera because the automatic software itself not as advance as the automatic digital camera.

dslr gives more control on the photo to the photographer while the automatic digital not. one might be a good photographer on automatic with the every photo look the same. but dslr gives photographer to experience, experiment and explore more effect on the shuttle speed and aperture and even the type of lens itself.

and yet, using a dslr and slr camera is a totally different league. slr camera using film as its medium but dlsr using electronic data. the photo result will be totally different. to assume dslr and slr is the same is totally wrong. some slr photographer seems to have problem with getting a same result with dslr because it cannot produce the same thing as what he get with slr. a good slr cameraman need the know how of printing and developing (dark room know how) the photo himself so that he can put some effect during the post processing the photo. a dslr cameraman need the same know how too but on a different medium. he/she need to know how to use the computer at first, and to use the photo editing software such as photoshop. a slr camera man will not have the same satisfaction on a dslr photo unless he know how to post processing the photo up to his need. i don't think that a dslr cameraman will ever want to use a slr camera because it is expensive to work with and need more time to learn compare to dslr and automatic digital.

conclusion: dslr does produce good photo than automatic digital camera. trust me! sorry apple, for the long comment.. ^_^

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Anonymous said...

I love my D80, but I have a small Casio P/S, too. I think it's important to have the small camera so I can have a camera on me all the time. If you don't, you'll miss some really great photo ops. Sure, you can hang an SLR around your neck all the time, but this is where the small P/S really shines.

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