Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bombing in London

This is not really shock me compare to 911 and Christmas Eve tsunami. Yes, the blame to the al-Qaeda and there is no need to explain why they do it. Do they think that by mass bombing innocent public people, the Bush and others will listen to them? So what if the Bush really listens to them, they will ask more and more and nothing will satisfy them.

Die in the name of God. Who say? Bible says? It maybe yes, or maybe not. It depends on the interpretation of the people. Each people interpret it differently and some of them even out of context. I do not dare to say which one is true but i believe killing is not the solution. It might be something that pushes them to do such desperate act, but it is not the solution. War and terror act will hurt many people and our civilization can be destroying by it.

So, bombing public people is a cowardly act where reason is above their grabs.

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mystic said...

My brother is based in London and works near the location of the explosion. Had just managed to speak to him and he had been on 18 hr shift since day 1.He's a doctor.


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