Friday, September 21, 2007

Photo: Warisan Square Kota Kinabalu at night 2nd Take

I go back to Warisan Square and took some more photos. Now with the white balance setting in mind, i believe the photo look better. The second thing in my mind is to take RAW or JPEG format. I found out that RAW format can save most of the photos compared in JPEG format. Still, even you take a very bad over and underexposure, RAW cannot save the photo. A photographer have to keep in mind of the preset setting in his/her mind on any different location and light setting.

I did some photo shop touch up to remove the noise or grain effect on the photo. Now the photo look more better and i can expose the shadow more brighter without worrying about the noise. Thou, the problem comes when you need to fix a blur and out of focus photo. I think this kind of defect are more difficult to repair. So, before take any photo no matter for leisure, hobby or professional, one have to have a sharp mind on every setting in the camera and match it with the location and light setting.

RAW is wedding or spot photographer best friend. A burn out highlight and white balance can be fixed right away with some few clicks. The disadvantage is it took more space in the memory and some low budget manual digital camera cannot utilized its multiple shot per frame except one have the financial ability to buy a high end professional use digital camera that cost as much as a car not to including the lens that might cost as much as a house.

Not much photo taken on this session thou a friend lady of mind took about hundred or more photos. Next, i want to try the CLS and fix some weakness i discovered on this photo testing session.


kuai said...

haha.. ya i took a hundred photos last night.. dont know if i rajin 2 post it or not.. :P

anyway... thanks for the photo testing session.. :D

Jefferi said...

kuai: ^_^ lol... ba rajin2 la u post the photos. we have more to place to shot.


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