Monday, September 17, 2007

Photo: Warisan Square Kota Kinabalu at Night

These are some of the photo i took at night around Warisan Square at the town.

Branded shop that i doubt the local can afford or not. Similar kind of shop was opened before at Center Point and close few years after.

Front main road that facing the sea. Finally i managed to took some decent photo at night. It's my fault because I'm not used with the camera after one and half years of using it.

Too much yellow balance on the photo. I should set the white balance before take the photo. Thou it still okay i guess.

Another white balance problem. This time i guess the street light cause the problem. Should set the camera white balance too.

At last, a decent night shot photo with a little bit photoshop and touch up. Lots of grain effect on the top of the photo because it too dark. I brighten up top portion, so it will look more better than a black pitch on the top.


Gallivanter said...

Nice one!


p/s: you should allow comments from non-blogspot users. :-)

Jefferi said...

thanks daniel.. ^__^

non-blogger user comment? now i prefer comment form people i can trace and know. anonymous comment is a no at the moment. maybe in future.

kuai said...

hehehe... jeff finally ha.. i mean, tangkap gambar malam2..:P

sorry i didnt reply ur sms last weekend, i went to kudat with my friends and so hard to fine a coverage for my DIGI.. :)

maybe we can go jalan2 and take some picture at Simpang Mengayan next time.. cantik amat sana.. :D

Jefferi said...

kuai: sure... we go do photo testing. ^_^

lynnx01 said...

Is Warisan Square that super big mall in KK? Or the mall isn't completed yet?

Jefferi said...

lynnx01: no, not warisan square. the big mall not yet finish. it called one borneo mall. ^_^


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