Sunday, September 16, 2007

16 September 1963 - 44th Years of Malaysia Day

Malaysia Federation was created on this day 16 September 1963. Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah was invited and without hesitation agreed to join the plan of combination state federation that I believe to fail the spread and domino effect of communist ideology on South East Asia region. Now, there is greater confusion on what is the status of Malaysia. Is it federation state or a nation state? Lots of theory was written and spread through blog, we will never know which one to be the right one or not. The 50th celebration of Malaysia Independent was greatly debated throughout the blog space and mass media. Local television station and newspaper publisher don’t dare to feature this issue officially except print out the debate and argument through forum column. It means that the newspaper publisher will not be liable to what ever written by readers as this not the publisher stand point.

The issue is about the significant of the Malaya independent as Malaysia independent where Malaysia was not yet exist or established. The governments keep continuing on it as Malaysia independent compared to the historical fact is the Malaya independent. Sabah and Sarawak at the moment still under British control and only get it so called independent on 1963, 6 years later. One story I heard is that at that time, Sabahan was given impression that they only can be independent by joining the Malaysia federation. Then, they can revise whether to continuing in the federation or be self government after that. Some said the first revise years past by us 10 years ago and some said next year will be the 2nd revise year. I don’t know the real detail about it. For all these years, the agreement was kept secret by the politician leader all along at that time such as Tun Mustapa, Tun Fuad Stephen, Datuk Harris, and Pairin Kitingan. The agreement only being exposed during the time when Pairin Kitingan was challenged by the entering of UMNO to Sabah because he planed not to cooperate with the federal government about how Sabah should be governed. Money and administration corruption was the big distraction at that time and Sabahan once again was fooled by the theatrical performance by our selfish politician and party.

Sabah is a place that has lots of potential to be exploited on its natural resource and culture diversity. The failure of our previous Chief Minister to govern and develop this state by its rights is a guarantee to the open exploitation by non local people. Greed, corruption and pride lead to the fall of power of the held by native party to party that not significant to the state land of Sabah. Even thou the leadership on Sabahan still held by native Sabahan, the final decision are decided by the central committee mostly not Sabahan native. Any decision and policy on Sabah future will not based on the growth and the development of the state land but more on the political strategy on how to maintain power to only few top powerful families. The citizens are only the chess stand and can be easily distracted and directed as a flock of lamb to wherever they want. Unfortunately for them, we have the internet to saves the day. We get to know more about the conspiracy and plan of high power individual and families in which will lead to the suffering of the people. Never the less, the thing that saves us also can kill us. We need to be well inform and knowledge about the twist and turn of politics tactics that force upon the people. So, education and unlimited restriction of information and knowledge is essential and a life line of maintaining the check and balance, truth and false, clean and dirty tactics of the real society exploitation.

31 August 1957 and 16 September 1963 mean nothing to me if the government and the society don’t want or care to straighten out the historical fact and let the bunch of ignorance government people lead us like a flock of lamb into a slaughtering factory. They don’t care if the historical fact is right or wrong. The important things for them are to maximized and squeeze all they can have within the year period they have of the land wealth.

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