Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pete Teo Local Artist

Pete Teo is a very interesting musician in Malaysia. If I'm not mistaken, he is a singaporean who sing in Malaysia. A very contemporary style singer which he sing a very meaningful poetry with a slow rock song. I'm certainly give a good two thumb of his songs although it will not be able to break into international market. He need more than that to be dam so famous. Still, he is good for Malaysia and Singapore markets.

His song is more to soft rock with the blend of local instrument for example he like to use "er hu" (a Chinese version of violin) on one some of the song especially Jesselton Hotel. While I'm looking at the recording preview of his last concert in Green Room, I realize that one of the drummer is actually my friend. If I'm not mistaken whether is him or not. Just need to find out because my school mate of mine is quite good in music.

So if you all want to know more about Pete Teo, you can go in to his web site. You can also download or listen to his songs online in the internet. Just look for the link.

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Emilie said...

pete's malaysian, although he spent some years of education in england when he was much younger, but rest assured, 100% malaysian, he sings occasionally in singapore...

he actually had a tour in japan, so i donnu about not being able to break into international market, then again, pete's a friend, so i may be bit buyous...

it's jesselten tonight, btw... not jesselton hotel.. haha....


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