Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So, I have a computer...

Today, seems that almost everyone has use a computer and own one at their home. The information age is pushing to our life style without us realized it. So, its hard to believe that people that under the age of 30 don't know how to use the computer. You might wonder what he has been doing past of his life. Today I see that everyone says that computer is important. Even to my parent too as they did not agree it 10 years ago when the time I ask them to buy me a computer. “It’s too expensive dear...” said my mother and "Wait until I win a lottery" said my father. They then lectured back to me that computer is important as I told them already many years ago.

So, I able to touch a computer only my sister insisted to buy a computer during her universities years. That was not even my own personal computer as my sister's property and I only had the chance to use it when she back home for holiday and well after she graduate and officially handed me the notebook. I manage to crunch lots of skills of using a computer by testing all the installed software available. The first technical software I ever use is Photoshop. Photoshop is graphic editing software for people to draw picture and editing photos. I have learned few skills but not manage to masters it.

Able to use all kind of software especially the Microsoft office collection is a great computer experience for me. A lot of things that you can do especially anything involve creating documents and setting up web pages. Even in some situation that it can integrate to your life and helps us to arrange our life to be better. I always see the great potential of this software at the beginning as Microsoft develops the software and it becomes easier and easier to use.

Then we see the internet age. I still remember the first time I chat with other people using ICQ software. It's really scared me when I type in the chatting box and someone really replies. Still the opportunity of surfing then internet comes from my sisters as my parent think that internet is the way of kids learns all the bad things as pornography and sex video. Still, old habits die hard for them. I wonder why I have to be the first to ask then last to use. Well that is not the point.

Computer become an important storage where overwhelming size of information such as an encyclopedia can be fitted in a storage of the size of a plate we call disc. To access the information we need computer to read and sort out all the data once written inside the devices. Then the storages system was expanded to a larger and greater size in thousand times in few years. And the creation of internet comes to us.

Computer and internet changes lots of people's life style. All the time of using the computer and internet, I see the changes in the way people look and use the computer and internet. The most impressive to me is the creation of the cyber world and the growing of the community inside it. Cyber world is the world that exists and can be access with the computer that we call internet.

The creation of a community of cyber space is the big next evolution of the information age. People can store and search information in this space or internet. The link more than one computer and thousand and million of computers create a super storage of information. Books become an obsolete and old dated information storages and only used as a reference. News can be spreads so fast to real time and some says that it can be faster that the television news. It's so amazing that what internet can do for us.

So this is the time that we have to use computers whether we like it or not. Computers become the necessity in our life as we need pen to write and car to travel. Today, it's hard to imagine life with out these gadgets as we see it every day for example the radio and television. Internet age is pushing towards our every day life and it becomes more than a need than entertainment. The world is getting smaller with the fast and efficient way of communication with other friends that we known or don't know on another part of the world.

I become more aware of the changes that push inside my life and others people life. The influences becomes greater in here as people starts to use a faster internet connection knows as broadband. Other that sending a short message text or graphic, we can even send a large data as video recording to our friends or family faster and simpler. Games can be played at the same time in thousands or millions. Interaction not only limited by chatting box but by character we play in a virtual games through the internet such as Ragnarok Online Game and others that comes out recently.

It is very impressing to see the changes to life as it I see it today. The peak of the information age is not been reach yet as there will be more to see and I hope I can live longer to see and feel it. The expansion of this information age is unlimited and there is more room to fills and it starts only a box of electronics equipment calls computer.

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