Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Invention: 100cc multipurpose engine. Too good to be true!

Should we feel amazed by someone who reinvented a 100cc engine? First, yes it should. Why, because not everyone can reinvent an engine. Wait a minutes? Really? Do we need reinvent an engine and then feel amazed that we have to let every one know. Funny, why do we need to reinvent a new local 100cc engine when there are so many cheaper engine and well developed imported engine? So what is the point they trying to make?

Reading theStar article titled “Part-time lecturer invents 100cc multipurpose engine” shocked me a little bit. I thought we don’t have any 100cc engine before and just maybe 200cc, 300cc, 500cc or more engines in the market. It takes a while for me to conclude that the part time lecture actually assemble a 100cc engine from reusable parts. It even not qualifies to know as reinvent or invention.

Mohd Zaini Daud, 42, from Penaga, Kepala Batas, took eight months to design and test the engine made mainly from recycled stuff. He tested the engine on a go-kart and found that it could match the speed of a 100cc Yami engine from Italy. He said the engine could also be used for marine boats, motorcycles, cars, gliders and lawn mowers.


The truth, the engine supposes to be multi purpose. You can use it in marine boats, motorcycle, cars, gliders and lawn mowers. Wait a minutes! Car? Are they trying to say that this 100cc engine can make a car moves? Or, might it be as good as 100cc Yami engine from Italy, the home of super sports car. Well, it might turn to be good news to Perodua and Kelisa, where the dependency of foreign engine going to be end. Thanks to our Malaysia Boleh part time lecture.

I believe it can run on a motorcycle, but don’t you all expect it to be in a nice chopper or Harley, just our old pal kapcai. Never think that it can move a car even a Kancil model car. This is a really far catch, and I think that the inventor not even put it in a drawing board yet. Gliders? A high reach, still no one will risk in a Malaysian made engine that unstable and unbalance on their gliders although gliders can be pretty save without the engine. The big problem is the engine weight and balance. You never want a unstable balance and a heavy engine being put on the gliders.

I’m not trying to condemning the person features in the article. It is a good think to know that someone can assemble an engine out of recycle items. So, where is the real invention? Neither the article mistakenly written or just serves the purpose to attracting readers same as us bloggers trying to fishing readers in PPS by putting some attractive sweet honey title on the ping. I always try thinking a good title for whatever I’m writing so that some of you will waste some of yours calories by moving your mouse, point to my title and read my amateur blog and pressing your index finger to load my blog.

So, my point is that some of the news in the newspaper was exaggerated without any understanding what they want to write. I think the use of invents word is a violation of its meanings and concepts. Suppose this is not written by theStar anyhow, I presume this was written by anonymous writer in Bernama who get his office life bored to death and flick some story and make it a big one.

TheStar: Part-time lecturer invents 100cc multipurpose engine

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