Friday, August 05, 2005

Street Kids: What are we going to do about it?

It might be many of you not aware of most recent social problem. Daily Express raise the problem about the street kids who wondering around the Kota Kinabalu town area. Most of them are without parents guardians because their parents is an illegal immigrant from Indonesia and Philippine. They were left to friends and relatives only being neglected and seen wondering around town polishing shoes and begging for money.

Its Secretary-General, Yahya Ahmad Shah, said it was regrettable that some Sabahans are opposed to the idea to the extent of going on a signature campaign at Gaya Street.

Daily Express

Yahya Ahmad Shah expressing his disappointed of the local’s mind set about the street kids. I am feeling disappointed too. As the problem is not intended to be serious, it already happened and some one has to do something about it. By ignoring the street kids, it probably might set a new social problem in the town.

The development in Sabah becomes rapidly faster now days. And yet, there is no progress or development to solve the social problem especially involves the illegal kids. While some groups as the Yayasan Islam Sabah trying to make a different to the street kids, it was opposed by the local.

I understand why most of the local don't want the government to help the street kids as they are the roots of the problem that was brought by the previous government who allows them to stay as a political immigrant and then slowly integrated as local legally and illegally. Many things happen in the period, and I don’t think of going explain it one by one.

If we still close our eyes in the problem, I bet it become more problem in future as the kids will grown up as uneducated and received no chances to change their life path. Some might resolves to be a robbers or thief to earn a living. Many will feel the social oppress and might intend to do harm ways (violence such as bombing or many things) to get attention from the government.

So, I would like to suggest that the government can organize a policy to educate the street kids. Give the street kids a new life path to improve their chances in living. Educate them in proper way as how we educate our own children. Let them know that there is someone cares for them and is no need to steal, cheats, and work to earn a living.

The benefits are, one day they might go back to their home land and starts a development and education. Malaysian governments always talk out loud about helping Asean neighbors. Now they have chances of helping to educating their kids about the goodness of peace and not war or conflict. By seeding the peace into their kid’s mind, political and religious conflict can be avoided. Is that sound too good to be true?


Daily Express: Few thousand street kids won't matter

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