Sunday, May 01, 2005

Star Trek The Next Generation

This is the photo of the Galaxy Class Starship Enterprise. As i mention before somewhere in my other blog, it was a starfleet federation ship. A powerfull class starship that can compete the Klingon, Romulan and the Cassadian. This is a ship that most feared by the enemy of the federation and always get a special attention from the unknown creature called Q "Quantinum" sort of of.

Star trek the next generation ran for 7 season. I manage to watch all of the episode and recently i downloading the another version of star trek called enterprise. It's a good tv drama and most totally different from the The Next Generation by comparison. The Next Generation is more to theaterical style of acting with a lots of william shakespearian dialouge. Patrick Steward act as the ship captain and he is a shakespearian actor. No wonder that he take The Next Generation so actively, because of the script content of the tv show. Enterprise present a more modern way or drama. There is no theaterical influences and well i like it a lots with all the compter graphic effect they do to the ship. No more modelling ship and that is the relief.

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