Sunday, July 22, 2007

Universal Health Care in Malaysia?

After watched Michael Moore latest movie documentary, i do a little bit research on what is actually Universal Health Care. Refer to Wikipedia entries on the topic, it is a state in which all residents of a geographic or political entity pay for and have access to some type of health care by means of provision of health insurance or direct provision of health care. It is also known as Single Health Pay in which have three aim that is Access, Quality and Afford Ability. Universal Health Care divided two groups that is the supporter and who against it. Please click here to read the differences.

I had to agree mostly on what documented in sicko movie even some argue that the director Michael Moore has fudge or fabricating the fact. I did some reading on those who write against the movie and found out that their arguments are weak. In the case which Michael Moore and Sanjay Gupta, I don't find any misinformation as claim by Dr Sanjay Gupta on Sicko movie. Sicko many time mention the free medical system implemented by Canada, Britain and France pay by high tax payer money. He did ask if this system is not fair to the middle class who have to pay for the poor, one said no. It is a system where the rich help the poor. I don't think universal health care are going to make any country in financial crisis as claim. Although that Dr Sanjay Gupta is a doctor and surgeon, I don't think he understand or don't want to understand the low class society who cannot pay for their food and not to mention high medical fees.

Dr Sanjay Gupta claims that free medical system going to make the country bankrupt. I don't really agree with the statement. The Bush Administration spent trillion dollar for support the Iraq and Afghanistan war on terror. Some of the money was spent on free medical care for the Iraqi and Afghanistan people. It kind of ironic to know that the government can give a universal health care for other countries but find it hard to do for their own people. It is a weak argument in this case. I don't think any country potentially in risk of bankruptcy when giving the people a free health care. It just depends to the willingness of the group of people who governing the country to spent it or not.

Malaysia in not implicating universal health care although by comparison pays less that other country on it medical fees. Malaysia have a poor record on its medical care level where the risk of being threaten by inexperience medical staff is high and always resulted death or even serious sickness. I don't have any detail about the health care in Malaysia, but will doing some research about it using internet later. Malaysia health care is based on premium or rewards. Whoever works in government department or government based company will have full access on its free health care. The health care benefits are extended to his or her spouse. Never the less, the health care provided by government clinic and hospital not up to its standard due to some cases involved the neglect case from its medical practitioners due to lack of experience. The surge of medical practitioners from local universities in which their qualification is questionable contributes some part of the bad health care level in public hospitals and clinics. Most of them will resolve to private health care when dealing with life threatening illness.

It a long road for Malaysian to have a awareness on its social benefits and care to its own society as i seen in the western countries from Sicko documentary. I wish we have but we don't. Our society is divided in groups such as religion, race, clan and political ideology. We're even divided in a basic fundamental on what type of country who we really are. So, what chances do we have in getting a universal health care?

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