Saturday, July 28, 2007

Parti Keadilan Rakyat in Sabah Politics

I had written about how the Federal Government is breaking the agreement of Malaysia Federal Constitution when allow a non sabahan political party into its coalition state in my past post. Never the less, there are also opposition party who illegally practice their political agenda in here such as Democratic Action Party and Party Keadilan Rakyat. I find it so disturbing and sad that we sabahan at the point of turning to a non sabahan party to fight for our welfare and benefits of its state. Sabahan political platform now fill with people who not really know us at first, no nothing about the history of the state and want to apply its own agenda and fights that we never started many years ago.

I would like to point out a news article in which Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein say that Parti Keadilan Rakyat are doomed to failure. Yes, it true. Not because of the party itself but merely that Parti Keadilan Rakyat doesn't seem to be relevant or understand and what the majority want for its state. The birth of Parti Keadilan Rakyat as most people knew is because of one man. Yes, the former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. He is the same architect who put UMNO to Sabah at first and by its own people kick out from the party.

Do we need someone who we all knew taken part of cutting away our privileges federation rights to defend us? He even cannot hold on to its own pants in his own party. How he going to do that? Even if Parti Keadilan Rakyat able to gain support and be the government in which I doubt that, we also ended up with non sabahan in power. What is the different then? I don't know why sabahan never learn from the lesson. Why do we often trust the rich and powerful rather than the one whom wise, charismatic and poor? I don't think we need someone who just knows how to plan to fatten its own pocket other than the development of the education, medical and economic system of its state.

We are always in the impression that only the federal government can develop the state. No, it’s not quite true. Most of the developments in Malaya are sources from Sabah's oil and timber industries. So, beside thinking that, I believe that the Malaya need Sabah natural resource to keep the money flowing to them to develop in which the power balance is switch unbalance to most of the small states in Malaya. Sarawak is in status quo and critical point of becoming the last state that have its own grip of its government. I hope that they learn it from us.

Never the less, there are nothing bad if Sabah lost all its privileges on its own state. We will not be so dependent to some ancient agreement that protect its own rights and learn to be more competitive with others. The chinese and indian live their lives in a hard way and earn a good decent living in it. Sabahan had about 30 plus years chances to run the country and they blew it. So, it’s time for others to run it and in a pick of luck and hope, we can live in prosper and happy without the ancient federal agreement rights haunted us.


Nche Will said... the Promised Land! Our time will COME.....the modern physical Resurrection wiill take place here...the modern day Zion....the stone mountain called Kinabalu!

Nche Will

Nche Will said...

Wahai Rose of Malaya,

Sememangnya anda sungguh lawa,

Keharumanmu merangsang jiwa teruna,

Tapi saat ini aku jatuhkan talak satu…kenapa?

Aku jatuh hati pada si Rafflesia…..

Paling busuk antara bunga-bunga…

Hidup semati kami akan bersama!

Ling said...

The current government has failed the people of Sabah for the last 20 years with no development progress, but left us with poverty & millions of immigrants. Truthfully speaking, the government either under Pak Lah or Anuar, will not bring any difference to people of Sabah. They r the same, from the West with no genuine intention for the good of people in Sabah. We have regretted until this day that we have ever-ever join Malaya to form Malaysia. Sabah should come out on her own. Freedom for Sabah!

Jefferi said...

nche will: lol.. an intrigue interpretation of sabah political scene. zion or no zion, oil still flowing in a wrong direction.

ling: to be fair, i seen changes that brought by the federal proxy government in sabah state. thou the local has to pay the high price with lost of some of their rights and exclusive to malaya highly competitive business people that the local don't even has the chance.

sad thing was the local leader was given more than 20 years to government but not do it wisely and because of their greed that i still spot it now, it lead to their own lost. so, i don't think the federal should take all the blame. The local leader should share the responsibility too. unless they change their mentality, sabah will always be in proxy government with the federal that was own by the malaya.

Lpsl said...

True, there has been some development from the federal, but nothing impressive nor to be proud of compared to what they have in Malaya. They drained our wealth to their land, thanks to our greedy chubby state government.

Irama said...

Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) berjaya telah membawa masuk UMNO ke Sabah... dan pastinya akan berjaya membawa PKR ke Sabah jugak ,,kan?

orang sabah masih ramai yang bahalol-bahalo , senang di bodoh-bodohkan... kemunduran sabah itulah KUNCI kejayaan BN di Sabah... kah kah kah..

dan sampai bila-bila , sabahan terus terlena dan bahalol, jika orang2 yang dipanggil sebagai berjaya disabah tidak memerdekakan diri mereka sendiri....dan yang telah merdekakan diri tidak pulak mahui menyedarkan mereka-mereka yang bahalol

cuba tinguk saja tuh lambang sabah bah.... tangan tidak berkepala memacakkan bendera...? siapa yang BERI kita lambang ni? hahahahah
simbol kepada NO OTAK la..kah kah kah...

orang british pun sadarr yang sabahan NO OTAK


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