Friday, July 20, 2007

News caption and my thought.

The Star
Remand extended in child killing case

The death of Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying really make public angry to the step father and the mother. This case get a nationwide coverage because it so sad to know that the mother also involved in the killing of her daughter. It really makes everyone feel so sad and angry. I feel that justices will serves its purpose on this case no matter the verdict is. Better not to assume anything first before we really know the truth. Give justice a chance! More on here.

Stepdad rapes girl after oral sex

It is sad to be always read this on newspaper daily. It seems that children are so vulnerable and so easily to be manipulated and used for bad intention. I remembered my post on child at work where some of the coffee shop owner hire the illegal foreign children to work.

BN parties, Opposition reject PR status for Filipinos

At last, thestar daily wrote news about this critical issue. This should be a lesson to whoever wants to impose its illegal obtained power on how to run Sabah. Sabahan politician should be united to against any ridiculous policy that thrown upon to the Sabahan people and letting them know they are not keeping their part of promise. Naughty federal government ya! More on Malaysia Federation or Malaysia.

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