Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Bloggers Gathering: On The Boat

Up at the boat, we're all like a Japanese tourist photo shooting anything that move and not move. Yes! a bunch of not so sakai local people suddenly mutate to Angmoh, Japanese, Indian and Korean tourist. lol... ^_^

he is our first victim, pitty him...

On the boat, we continued to swarm the second deck in which we saw Daniel setting on the audio system that seem has a problem. Then we found out it caused by loosen audio plug. No problem after that. Everyone starts to chill out and introducing to each other at the second deck.

MrBadak, the one who drink from the bottles

from left to right: Julian, Lionel, Murphy, Anthony and Siew Ling

After that, we went back to the first deck to start dinner. I didn't eat much as most of the foods were barbecue. I'm not a person who fancy barbecue. I only try out some of noodles and roll spaghetti. The barbecue stick not cooked and I having hard time to cut it with a spoon. Yes! i got spoon when I’m asking for a knife. What a genius!

oh i feel sea sick.. lol..

Debbie, Josie and two other girls that i don't remember her name.. sorry.

Lionel the 2nd round .. yay!


maslight said...

i would recommend a butcher's knife for the chef mwahhaha >:D

Pai said...

here's my updates..
anyway, nice meeting you bro!

Jefferi said...

maslight: hahah.. ya.. later he chase you all around the boat.. mataila.. >___<''

pai: ok.. i will have a look. nice to knowing you too.. ^_____^?

kuai said...

Wah Jeff... Banyak juga gambar ko ambil ah, Cantik2 lagi.. mcm best oo kamu punya gathering.. Meriah and look so happening.. everyone so sporting oh kan.. (imagine if i was there.. mesti muka sa paling banyak 2 kan..:P)and the food.. sooo yummy. (Lucky that im not invited, otherwise nanti d food inda cukup 2) Muhahaha..

Nice pictures!!...^_^

Jefferi said...

kuai: best..! ko inda kana invited ka? pikir ko kena invited tapi nda mo pigi? ... too bad

kuai said...

hahaha... ya bah.. im not a good blogger like u guys bah jeff..

well.. i heard also about this gathering la.. but teda spacial invitation kan.. :P

hehehe.. inda bah.. u r right then.. kalo kena invite pun sure sa inda mau pigi.. u knew oso.. ^_^" (malu2 kusing)

and im so happy for you.. u have a great job.. all ur pictures is great!.. buat urang jealous ni.. hahaha... and bertambah udah kawan ko kan.. thats nice.. :)

Jefferi said...

kuai: lol.. ^___^


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