Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Bloggers Gathering: The Final Report

It definitely fun meeting new friends and chatting about blog and what new about it. By definition, blogging means writing something and post it online for sharing to friends and others strangers. By all mean, I don't believe in a personal blog or private blog. I don't believe in banning others people comment because I can do what ever I want and this is my blog. Yes it’s true that this is your blog, you can write anything you want but you cannot control your readers to click in and its writing its comment. That is why the comments section should be control by the administrator, and not by you in most of our free and personal blog host.

I do not mean to patronize anyone who read this particular blog. I just want to ask why you want to blog? Doesn't it because you have lots of free time in front of the computer at work? Or, you don't have any other hobbies and have nothing to do? Or, you saw some of the cool bloggers did it and you want to be like them. There are many reasons to start blogging. With out realized it, you already post the 100th post.

Anyway, i have great time know new friends especially who blog for fun, blog for fame and might be blog for money. I do accept now days that blog was not like the old days. People do earn real money just by blogging, but with an extra hard work as the rest of the job around us. I only manage to take some few shot with some fellow bloggers and here are the photos.

julian, me, lionel and ned

Jacq wrote in her blog that ned is the last bloggers to arrive and still able to catch the boat before sailing away. Julian is actually among the most prominent blogger among us. He quite glamor among us and do write about photo, video and graphics and some politics. He a kind funny fella and well know with his Buddha pose.

Anthony, Siew Ling and me.

This double is a couple. They cannot be torn apart by any mean. Anthony writes anything from food to cars. You name it, he writes it. Siew Ling his wife girlfriend. Just started a blog because of this gathering and i can't see any particular direction to her blog. We will see it later. It is quite nice to know that this gathering actually sparks some interest on people who never blogs and want to try.

Daniel and me that i think need no introduction

Jacq and me

Jacq is also a co-founding mother and the girl who coordinate all of us for this gathering.

I believe there Debbie also help by dealing with the Pirates at Borneo restaurant manager. Credit is given to her as well because she also a contact book keeper for all who come. She also should win a second prize for the best dress.

Olivia Chong, Jimmy and me

Jimmy was my junior when the secondary school. Nice getting to see some familiar face around there. He came with Olivia Chong. She is a non blogger. I hope she can start her own blog after this gathering.

Murphy and me

Murphy is the owner of mysabah website and i believe among the most well known blog for sabah. He also write anything.

Olivia Chong, Josie, me and someone butt.

Josie is cute. Her blog is cute. Her dog is cute although only anjing kampung. I read her blogs with tears came out. Not the sadness but the laughter. Have you ever heard laughing to death? I think she have to put some disclaimer warning on people who have health problem. lol....

Thats the end of this Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Blogger Gathering post. I am looking forward for the second time but not sure if I am still in Kota Kinabalu or not. Will see how it going to be then.


Zi said...

Everybody got the reason their own reason start blog.

Is that ur Definition of Blog? should see the definition from Wikipedia tho ... :/

Personal Blog ?!!! hehehe...
Bla bla bla ... Yeah .. I guess mine is Personal Blog.. Bla bla bla... :P I dont really care. Why should bother about others ppl 's blog tho ? O_o"

Even IF ur comments kena Ban at another blog.. Pstt.. that is their blog their have the right! Read it or Leave it... Simple -.-;

No hard feeling my friend :P
Just a comment.

This blog does not allow anonymous comments. <-- I thought everyone can comment... even the ANONYMOUS one. Seem like i need to sign in.

*Peace* :D

Jefferi said...

zi: lol...for all the post i sent about the gathering, you choose this post your ever controversial respond and it is not related to the gathering.

ps - oh.. thank you ya, my friend for your comment. the point i don't allow anonymous comment is that i don't want penembak curi.

Zi said...


I just based on what u wrote in this post lah ! then I comment lah !!!

The most controversial kah ?! hehehe... ya lah. I am very dont like controversi punya. lol U know lah .. when girl datang haid, sure tembak when read not ngam de. hahaha.... No hard feeling.. lol

Nice gathering lah! but coz kuai not join so I dont join lor.. maybe next time... :D

Jefferi said...

zi: so when datang haid don't read blog. later you tembak tembak orang out of nothing. even kuai not coming, you can come yourself mah.. lame excuse zi, lame excuse.. :P

ps - no hard feeling ya.. lol

Fridaycat said...

hey Jefferi, it was great to meet you. Good to see more Sabah-bred talents around. Keep it up!

Jefferi said...

fridaycat: hey it is nice to meet you too. thanks for your encouragement! ^___^

Jules said...

I thought you look familiar. Yes I know you! I'm in the same batch as Jimmy :)

Great to know that you are currently into photography, which is one of my hobby as well. :-)

You can visit my blog at http://www.julianmorin.com/blog

Jefferi said...

hi julian, yes i remember you. Thanks for reading my blog. Nice to keep in touch with you back!

Zi said...

Hehehe... me and kuai always stick together de mah ...

No kuai , me shy shy ...

hehe.. tembak sikit saja.


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