Thursday, July 19, 2007

Malaysia Federation or Malaysia?

Prime Minister's Department Datuk Mohamad Nazri Abdul Aziz made a critical decision when he proposed that all the IMM13 or Filipino refugees in Sabah will be automatically given a Permanent Residence (PR) status. These create a big protest among Sabahan political. It seems sabahan slowly losing grip of power on governing the state to non Sabahan politician. I'm not blaming non Sabahan politician, but on the sabahan politician.

Why? First they fight among them self. Each of them selfishly want to hold power on this big state that full with never ending natural source such as oil and timber. When this happen, the state become vulnerable and it is a good time for non sabahan who waiting for a long time to get hold and plant it seed to get a good grip on this big estate.

It is actually a void and illegal for any political party from the peninsular to interfering or involving on the Sabah political platform. This is actually the agreement made during the creation of Malaysia Federation. Malaysia is the combination few state that is Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. Brunei last minutes reject on this coalition state is merely pure luck and non will ever guess what is going to happen to then 46 years later. You lucky bastard Sultan Brunei! You should thank those resistance who that you taken to jail because of this issue. If not, I don't think you will be able to live your luxury life today. Singapore was kicked out because Tunku Abdul Rahman couldn't stand the nagging of Lee Kwan Yew and decided to file a divorce letter to him. That’s a bad luck in which turn out to be a tough luck. Again, thanks to the people who work so hard to made the Singapore Republic a success.

Sabah is slowly sinking from an autonomy state back to colonial state. We’re actually colonized by the people who at first hate the colonial government so much but ended up thinking otherwise. The depressing part is even we aware about it, nothing was done. We let non sabahan people to take over what was supposed to be agreed upon the formation of Federation State. I will not list out each details on this matter because it not make any significant differences when all of it was given up by our own politician who drunken by money temptation.

I don't expect anything miracle to happen after this. But I believe Sabahan have to be more aware of their rights that was agreed upon by the previous generation and not to let it go so easily without a fight.

Daily Express: State Govt 'no' to PR move


lynnx01 said...

Is that why UMNO could penetrate Sabah? We in Sarawak fear the day UMNO come in.. but then again, at times we may not be happy with complacency. We have the longest serving CM! And he took his job after his uncle. Talk about families building their own dynasty.

Jefferi said...

yes.. because of the greedy and corrupt politician. I don't think that sarawak should fear UMNO. the fear should be on the disunity of the people in which will lead to out side control.

well this is the sign of disunity and selfishness in power. so be prepare for the roller coaster ride.


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