Sunday, July 08, 2007

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Bloggers Gathering: The Gathering

After the dinner, we supposed to have some ice breaking program. Due to the unknown reason that we're not expected to be on the boat, it was canceled. We just jump to the best part. That is Lucky Draw! It seems that most of the bloggers are very luck indeed. Some go back with Bon Jovi CD and some with 1GB Pen Drive. Thanks for Nuffnang for sponsoring the gift.

Everyone starts to warm up their digital camera. Testing to shot like there is no tomorrow. I myself have problem in decide which setting is the best for boat shot because I never take any photo in a boat and night before. I try out some setting and ended up decided using the automatic setting instead in which can get the flash batteries burn out easily. Due to the camera is a professional used, it quite difficult for the first timer to take my photos with other bloggers. I only manage to take some shot with few blogger but especially with Daniel and Jacq.

The event was started by Daniel, the official MC for the day. He is a hilarious, charm and with an interesting personality and i believe with lots of experience doing MCing jobs before. Luckily we have him as the MC if not, I think it going to be an ordinary sabah style of event.

Well, who really is Daniel?

First i would like to quote the about page from his own blog:
Expressive natured, idealistic and driven with a strong inner urge to be of divine service in some way that would uplift mankind. A fervent music lover - love playing the guitar and penning songs. A proud chocoholic. I love sunsets, love the beaches and its surroundings. I love my freedom and being on the move.

I see the best in people, honest and fair-minded, passionate, devil-may-care and indulgent. I also can be combative, un-forbearing and inadvertently tactless. I am critical to those who deny their talents.

He is a blogger and his website called The Gallivantings of Daniel Franklin. He likes to blog about music and song writing and a hardcore fan of Bon Jovi and i guess he is a musician and songwriter besides being a programmer. Never yet I heard any of his songs because he wrote lots of lyrics in his blog. I wonder if any of his demos loaded in his site.

He looks good on camera as you can see it the photo. Most All of the tourist blogger have his photo taken via hand phone or video and digital camera as he being our honorary mascot MC and organizer. Nevertheless, he did a perfect job in making this gathering happening with out the alcohol drinks.

So that’s all with Daniel.

The luck draw are even fun. I myself got a pen drive. To who have my photo of please can you send to my email? If can, sent an uncompressed version so that I can do some touch up over the photo. I managed to take some shot of the lucky draw. I will post it out after I compiled it in a single frame photo layout.

this is a fake one.. izit?.. no la..please give me my prizeeeee....

yaaata... kick arse pen drive.. fuuyoooo!!!

Let me introduce some of the point and shoot digital camera professional in action. The group photo of mine was taken by the guy who stands at the right side of the photo. Thanks, man!


lynnx01 said...

Me loves the way you touch up your photos!!

Jefferi said...

thanks! ^_^

Gallivanter said...

Hey Jefferi, it was a pleasure to have met you. :-)

I hope that our path cross again in the future. Cheers!

Jefferi said...

gallivanter: sure! looking forward for that.

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

AGAIN....this botak fella is everywhere! Hahahah...Dan, no la...just pulling your leg. I'm glad this Gallivanter had a good time with my fellow Sabahans, though he was SICK?


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