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Featuring Blogger: Love & Peace by Josie

Disclaimer : I only feature a blog if permission was given. My feature will based according to what i read in the blog or some extra research strictly from Google and no other means like stalking at her home, digging her home rubbish and hire a private investigator to follow her 24 hour a day.

Josie, know as Josiekupi or Kupi as her pen name or glamour name starting to write this blog on 21 December 2004. She started her blog writing a post about Alzheimer in which her family members got it. Who is really Josie? Well, she have a very detail description in here. You never guess that she is the youngest in her family. She is a nasty little girl as written in the post and no wonder where all her fun and happiness came from. If I'm not mistaken, she works with government with a government pay check as a computer programmer. Most of the entry is the blend of English, Dusun and Malay hybrid and not everyone knows how to enjoy it.

taken from josekupi blog.

I read lots of blog, from Xiaxue, Minishorts, Kennysia and other blog. Some blog can make you think, some plain narcissist who like to talk about him/her self, some do stupid and weird things and blog it out and some just about others people and the experience they encounter. Josie might have all of it but she also has the humor. A down to earth humor that from her personal character. I meet few funny friends all my life but none have any funny blog to share.

Firstly, i realized that she really like to watch reality show such as Akademi Fantasia, American Idol and Survivor type of stuff. I wonder how much she spent for a single season of Akademi Fantasia. Can be considerate a fanatic fans of local band and artist. One of that recently called Ebi. She even has a term of this fella called "Ebilicious". Yes, he is a tall charm and handsome fella. I have a friend that knew this fella since young. She told me lots of story that I prefer not to write it in the blog due to court action will take against me if he find out. It is a non stop post material for her all these years of blog writing besides the traveling post.

She always travels. No matter locally or oversea. Most of her traveling destination is KL. She also travel few times to Australia and written a detail travel log about it. It is really interesting to read her journey adventure on the blog. To anyone who interested on her traveling, need to dig to her old post blog.

meeting lots of friends..

She have lots of children dogs. She like dog more than cat. Write about her dog children as family. Dogs are the latest craves for Kota Kinabalu locals. Most of them have an expensive and special breeds such as "chi wawa" and others. I'm not against people who love cute dogs, but i hate it when they bring it to the coffee shops during lunch or dinner. DO WE HAVE SOME RULES ON PET OR ANIMAL ON EATERY PERMISES? Just imagine this. A waiter girl saw this cute little angel dog. She give the dog a cuddle, forgot to wash her hand serving food to others customers. What do you think?

Anyway, Josie little craves of pet dog makes her to create a family tree for them. I wonder if she herself also have a family tree. It's so cute to know that the pet dog does have such structural organized family chart. She wrote it in a post titled newly born.. additional to the family. She also done a live coverage of one of her pet dog that giving a birth on little puppies in her post here.

Even thou that she is a fanatics fans of Ebi, I believe that she also have a fanatics fans of hers. Danjoe and Guragak is a loyal friend, commenter and fanatics blog fans. Due to their harassments and unable to get a restraining court order against them, she had to publish a public statement at her blog. If that really happened.. lol.

Once she was thinking of shutting down this blog due to bad respond from unknown people. Luckily she decided not to do so.

Here are some of the link of her post that really put out her is the local taste down to earth sense of humor that we rarely read on a blog.

This is what stress can do to u
Top 10 Petanda Anda Mabuk
Selamat Hujung Minggu (a short moment of fame and famous)
You look blue (a new definition of bad hair day)
Hari malam yang galap

And at last, me and Josie at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Bloggers Gathering.

ps - All of the photos are credited, taken and belongs to Josie's blog.

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josie said...

OMG!!! hahahha....jefferi.....u really did your research ah......wah..there are some entries I dont actually remember oledi....hmm...hehhe


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