Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Singer Review: Hirai Ken

To cut it short, please click here and here to read his personal background. I remembered saw him at CNN
Talk Asia interview
in which at the moment i did not listen to any of his songs until on Japan A Radio internet radio in which a song titled Kimi No Suki Na Tako (君の好きなとこ) run over the radio for few time. I did some research about him and to find out that he is a big hit in Japan. He sings differently from others Japanese singers same as Fukuyama Masaharu who sing in a weird foreign Japanese pronunciation.

A good looking foreign look face although he claim that he is pure Japanese. Maybe his ancestor is a foreigner. I remember my university roommate look like a foreigner although he calm that he is not. Genetics sometimes can do some illusionist trick on us. I believe he don't have any problem with his talent and looks to be famous. I remembered that in the CNN interview he hate his face because it doesn't look like typical Japanese.

Well, it was not only when I was a teenager. Even now I don't really like my face. It's uncomfortable for me when I'm not regarded as Japanese even though I was born in Japan and speak Japanese as my mother tongue. Of course, now people know my face so I don't encounter that perception often anymore. But before quite often Japanese people would speak to me in English, or Japanese kids would surround me, saying "he's a foreigner!". I'm tall as well, so I had a complex about myself. I guess my appearance stands out both in a positive and a negative way. But I still am uncomfortable with my visual features.

CNN Talk Asia

Here is the video clip of Kimi no suki na toko. He wrote both of the music and lyrics.

Link: Hirai Ken Official Website


maslight said...

he's great! XD but i'm slightly outdated with japanese music these days..

and he sounded slightly like toshinobu kobuta XD

Jefferi said...

yup! he good with selected few songs. I like this one the most.


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