Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Bloggers Gathering: The Arrival

I reach Jesselton Point at 30 minutes early to dig money for the gathering. RM50 is quite an expense for me especially when you need to pay the bills and the loan. I just start doing full time photo, video and graphic design plus learning to improve my skills to be competitive. That is not the main point.

It took me around 10 minutes to withdraw money and going to The Pirates of Borneo restaurant where i realized that the counter has not set up yet. So, I spent some time footsal center watching people playing so called street soccer. The place is quite hot and most of the player just playing for fun I guess. I did not see any ronaldiho or ronaldo or roberto so of that (sorry for the spelling error), just a bunch of guys chasing and kicking the ball so hard and if you unlucky hitting the head, you might ended waking up at the hospital.

After 20 minutes, I went out again and see if the counter was set up or not. I didn't see it and thought it might be at the jetty entrance instead. Nope, it was not there too. I went in an art stall and find out that the painters never attend a formal art class. He has a talent in watercolor painting but lack of guide from experience people. I think I have that problem too. :P

I went back to the restaurant and at far and i recognized Daniel instantly with a glass of beer at his hand. The introduction happening fast with Anthony and Siew Ling the earliest to arrive said Daniel. Blogger Couple i think. Second i met Julian and Lionel, then MrBadak and his friends holding a video camera to give a coverage over the event and then Murphy for mySabah. I lost track who is who at this moment. Please do accept my apology if i told the story wrongly. Then JacQ arrive just in time to open the registration counter and everyone starting to go to the boat.

from left to right: Murphy, Lionel, Julian, Melissa and her friend Yolanda (forgot the name, sorry) and Faizal.

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