Monday, July 30, 2007

Movie Review: Syriana

I watched this movie at home at HBO around 1 morning. I really want to watch it for long time but the showing time is not right. This movie full with a very strong political statement on which the addiction of oil by the western country causes for all the havoc and crisis we see in middle east now days. Please click here for the in depth detail and story plot.

It true that our world are actually control and govern not by those people who win the fair and democratic election but a group of people who own a company no matter what business they into in goal to get the maximum and guaranteed profits. Syriana show the audience on a fictional but almost true plot how the big cooperation conspire on others and corrupting one nation and government to fulfill and achieve its own agenda that is unlimited profits. The rich is going to be rich and the poor remains to be that so.

In Malaysia context, i remembered the post that I wrote about a big cooperate company was bidding to obtain a piece of land own by University of Malaya for their own development purposes. It is so true that now days, big cooperation is slipping on their influence tentacles on a fragile government for their own benefits and profits without considering the general needs in what we known as lobbying in government. A very critical issue I can see in Malaysia is the slow start to the privatization process of the medical health care infrastructure. No matter what the government says, the winners are always the business people.

I'm not against nor agree on what happened now days around the world. Nothing can be done to avoid it. As might as well if you can't beat it, join it but with a bit of goodness twist on it. We need to aware and know more about what happen at our surrounding and message those others trying to spread. Not saying to accept it fully but to investigate and give it a good deep logical thought. It only can happen if we have a wide understanding in general knowledge. You don't want to be directed like flocks of lamb don’t you?

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