Friday, July 06, 2007

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Bloggers Gathering: The Aftermath

Guess what i got from there?

tidak sia sia juga bayar RM50... muahahahahah! >:D

update: The pen drive was presented by Wei Chuen. Thanks for the photo Jacq!

Haha.. a lucky draw of number 08! yup fatt! ^_^ hope the luck going to stick with me for a moment because i need it now days. I taken lots of photos and still figure out who is who in the photo. It going to take a couple of days for me to write a dedicated post of this gathering or meeting.

Good works for Daniel for his good work on MC -ing the event and be our official mascot founding father and JacQ for coordinate the event, persuade and emailing others people to join the gathering. Luckily she email and invite me or i will not going for the event.

Conclusion: Majority, the bloggers are friendly. Just a few of them kinda shy i guess. The food, sorry to say, not worth the money, but the event even it out. Luckily the boat take off and we did burn some petrol for a boat ride. The overall is good for first time. Hope the next one will be better. ^______^

ps- the rest of the photos will be post later. still thinking how am i going post it.

3 comments: said...

I see Gallivanter! But mana Hongkiat? I thot he is going?

Jefferi said...

5xmom: HongKiat..? not sure if he there or not. Seem i also not sure. sorry

maslight said... nice..i saw papa..and i saw botak monk *cough cough referring to julian.

nice oh T_T too bad, i'm still sick. i think if i go, i'll infect everyone there *cough


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