Saturday, July 14, 2007

Michael Moore and Dr Sanjay Gupta on Sicko

I was attracted by one news about Michael Moore who slam Wolf Blitzer on how he fail the American people on stopping the war on Iraq by President Bush. Michael Moore demand apology from Wolf Blitzer on how they fail to ask the tough question and lead the country to this war and all what he said on the movie 911 are the actual truth and happened.

It all started when Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room with Michael Moore shown a short documentary clip by Dr Sanjay Gupta, a neurology surgery doctor made a conclusion that most of the fact in Michael Moore latest documentary movie "Sicko" was fudge which meaning a mistake.

The transcript of the situation is here

Then Dr Sanjay Gupta and Michael Moore have an opportunity to debate this issue in Larry King Live. It seems that both of them do the most talking and Larry was the referee at the moment. Michael Moore and Dr Sanjay Gupta debate their argument in a very strong way. Both of them really know what they're talking and there are no talking crap as most others interview I saw in television.

The transcript of the debate is here

I see that Michael Moore and Dr Sanjay Gupta is on the same boat but have a small differences on the numbers fact. Indeed both of them did their own thoroughly pains staking research just both look at the same issue at a very different point. I really like the way of how Dr Sanjay Gupta trying to balance out the issue but the things is that he doesn't know most of the people who really experience it. I believe that he never experience the problem first hand and really understand why Michael Moore is so critical about this issue especially when Dr Sanjay Gupta said the Medicare system will going to bankrupt the country. I myself find it so hard to believe too when Michael Moore argue back that why not the war on Iraq has no issue on bankrupting the country. Yes indeed! Michael Moore is the people's voices.

Later, both of them issue a statement on the debate. Dr Sanjay Gupta and Michael Moore agreed this argument is not the issue but the medical benefit and the health issue. Dr Sanjay Gupta tries to tone down on his reports about sicko and lead the reader to focus on the real issue. Michael Moore published a detail facts and documents on his web to proof he is not wrong. He still demand apology from CNN in which many time made a false report on his movie.

Dr Sanjay Gupta: My conversation with Michael Moore
Michael Moore: 'SiCKO' Truth Squad Sets CNN Straight -- Again

I know that this argument not relevant to us, but the issue is. Malaysia has no a significant problem on health benefits compares to other country, but still not the best compares to others. Health and medical care not really a big issue in Malaysia political platform. I don't know how much Malaysia government spent for his health spending but i believe most of the money is on building more hospital and benefited the contractors and the suppliers and not the sick patient.

Most of the politician spent too much time on bashing each other. No matter he is a member of parliament, political activist, political writes and bloggers, it always on digging out each others weaknesses and picking out specific person personally. I think that most of us are too easily get distracted news that not helping to the people.

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