Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sabah Lame Duck MP got some guts after all, or He is not.

Today at The New Straits Time Online

Majimbun to show proof that MyKad have issued to foreigners in Sabah

and i quote:

“I will bare all, including proof of people who were not born in Sabah becoming citizens of the country (in Sabah),”

“Just imagine our population increased by 285 per cent between 1970 and 2000."

The question is, why it took so long to take any strong action against the federal government? Sabahan are complaining for a very long time about the false citizenship infesting badly for a very long time. The ironic thing was, this is not caused by the federal government but more to the local self inflicted. If only the local leader willing to take strict action against this thing, this will not happen at first.

Sabahan leader has already proven them self to be a lame duck leader. Action taken was influences to their self political conscious and benefits. Echoing an old unresolved problem such as the illegal, corruption, mismanagement and especially the 20 point agreement now was not because they care for Sabah but for their own political agenda. Sabahan leaders tend to be strong when on the opposition side but a pure lame duck after got their power.

Proof that He also a Lame Duck MP and a puppet to BN handwork.

Musa to consult Barisan leaders

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