Sunday, October 26, 2008

I scratch your back, you scratch my back

UMNO Party General Election saw lots of new and old faces move in to contest the top post in the party. Nonetheless, i don't think there will be any changes happen when the new top committee taking over the job. There are still strong influences from the old regimen especially from Tun Dr Mahathir who sling shot his son Mukhriz to the top of the Pemuda UMNO wing. It then was strengthen by the ad hoc support by the Pekan UMNO youth division that suggest to be indirect endorsement by Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
Pekan nod for Mukhriz suggests Najib backing

Tun Mahathir who is the top critic of Abdullah Badawi's premiership gave his endorsement to Najib Razak to be the next President of UMNO and officially gave the Prime Minister seat to him. Even if this is not the personal endorsement from Najib to Mukhriz, some unknown systematic plan is running during this candidacy of the UMNO top post. I cannot help to think that the process of fair election and democracy is alive or dead in this time.
Khairy, who was seen as the favorite to take over the movement’s leadership until the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi, his father-in-law, announced that he was not defending the presidency, received his 39th nomination yesterday from the Tangga Batu division, in Malacca.

I see the malays look their leader as a noble man and not a qualify leader. History dictate that only certain clan and connection qualify and able to lead the country. The leader was chosen by some top influences political person or with a good and well network and connection by birth and rights. Mahathir has created himself a new noble clan family that far influences than the states royalty. Prime Minster endorsement was look more like a royalty order rather than a support of certain candidacy. To critic the Prime Minster is an action that can be punish same as disloyal act to the king or sultan.

Democracy and justice was spoken many times by the political leader in the mass media but spoken like a breath of air. Malaysia leader preach and telling the world that they honor democracy and justice but not walk the talk by doing other else thing. Corruption and favoritism became the mistress of our trusted leader and only few groups of people benefited the growing wealth of the nation. The rest has to depend to the mercy from them only if their goodness can be return with a full loyal to them.

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