Friday, October 24, 2008

Poor people living in a 1 Million illegal Mansion?

I don't really understand when i read this article in theStar,
Villagers tussle with church

It look like there is a tug of war between the church and the villagers about the land that a 1 million ringgit mansion that was built illegally in a church's land. I wonder why on earth a 1 million ringgit mansion built on a church land and why the church doesn’t stop it when they start the project earlier. It smells fishy at this point. I wonder what happen to the million ringgit mansion by Klang MP.

I quote an earlier paragraph;
MALACCA: About 100 villagers from Kampung Ayer Salak, Bukit Rambai, were engaged in a standoff with church authorities yesterday over the demolition of a RM1mil mansion which was built illegally on church land.

And this second quote;
“It is not a situation where the church is depriving poor people of a roof over their heads,” he said, adding that the proposed home cost more than RM1mil.

The church authorities were accused by the building owner of depriving poor people of a roof over the head. That sounds ridiculous and insane to the top.

The land was officially belonging to the church and the villagers were allowed to stay and open the land many years ago. I don't agree with businessman Peter Lim who argues that he can do anything with the land without any permission because the church authority didn't do so previously. Mr. Lim doesn't aware that the church has given them a very good life by letting them to do some plantation over the church land and they should be obliged to their rules and not trying to cut out a piece of it by the greed.

It look like the businessman Lim has gone over his head with his wealth and trying to use a lame excuses that poor people like him should be allowed to live in a big mansion. If businessman has extra money to build an extra home, why not he try to buy the land from the church instead of building a big house in hope to strengthen his claim over the land free of charge. It look like a bad management on the church land lead to some people to take advantage over the church land where mostly located in a very exclusive area.

Reading this news make me think if the church management did a good job in making sure their blessed land will not be stolen or taken advantages by greed people who in disguise in the community with a purpose. Many stories were heard about the mismanagement of the church funding by the people who we trusted most for their own personal benefits. If that true, I guess they only need to explain to god himself and not to us.

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