Friday, October 03, 2008

Joe Biden and Sarah Palin VP Debate

Click here for the debate transcript.

I watched the America vice Presidential debate rerun and found it less suffering between Barack Obama and John McCain Presidential debate. There will be two more debate, one for the presidential and one for the vice presidential nominee. The different between Sarah Palin and John McCain was that she is energetic and enthusiastic on this debate. Sarah Palin has the opportunity to debate in some issue with full respect from Joe Biden compared to John McCain with Barack Obama.

John McCain in the latest presidential debate did not show any respect to his opponent Barack Obama when he repeatedly said he not ready nor could understand the intensity of the issue that raised while Barack Obama hold the disrespect with point or argument and discredited John McCain accusation. Joe Biden and Sarah Palin each other seem to having a great time debating with each other with respect to each other that i didn't saw it from John McCain.

The debate was widely pronounced that Joe Biden clearly won the debate. Sarah Palin did better but still not qualify to sit on the VP chair. Sarah Palin really need a good homework and experience in many ways if in future she would like to go out again to contest for the President of America. It will not be a very great disappointment for Sarah Palin if John McCain lost the Presidential Election because she still has a very long road to go. Now, Sarah Palin has a very strong platform and opportunity to climb and promote herself once again maybe to become a first woman to be the President of United State America if Hillary Clinton or other woman did not take it first.


lynnx01 said...

Heh.. my friend wanted to watch the debate live but I held her back during our breakfast this morning. Instead, over the breakfast table, we talk about China's cheapskateness on milk, spacewalk and Beijing Olympics.

Jefferi said...

lol.. pitty her. thou that was some issue that in my watch list too. a very interesting subject to talk about too.


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