Saturday, September 27, 2008

2008 America Presidential Debate and UMNO Presidential Race

I just finished reading the transcript of the Obama and John McCain presidential debate. I prefer to see it on video but i can't find a good link that can let me watched it without lagging, so i choose to read the transcript. To view it on youtube, please click the link below and continue from there.

Click here if youtube not appear.

To make is short, i felt like watching a son and father debate. Obama, a new and eager motivated and filled with idea to run the country and John McCain, an old minded (conservative) person that think he right by experiences and regarding Obama as an inexperience chap. Reading from the transcript of the debate reminded me arguing with my parents, they just don't want to listen. I don't really know what Obama felt that time but if he ever got an argument with a hard headed old person, that what it will be felt.

I believe both candidate arguments were very good but i prefer Obama because his idea and strength believe to benefits the general Americans. Of course, there will be a large portion of American people that choose to be a conservative that choose to path with John McCain argument. In a long run, a liberal like Obama is the best choices for the American and the world generally unless the people voted to choose otherwise.

In another same parallel event in Malaysia, the UMNO presidential races are also going on. Unlike the presidential race in America, Malaysia power balances are focused at this main race based party. Whoever won the leadership in this party, will legally hold the top post of the power in Malaysia. Even if the Pakatan Rakyat becomes the government, there will always be rules to ensure the top power of the Malaysian government secured to the Malay and only to the Malay as multiracial party based leadership is a taboo unless changes happen in the mind of the community itself.

Many speculation describe that Anwar will be taking over the government in an unofficial fashion. I really want to see the changes in Malaysia, but i personally don't really want changes in this dishonorable fashion although most people this it is right to do so. I haven't seen any leader or any party yet that qualified and taking over the leadership of the country. Pakatan Rakyat look like to be a promising path to go but most of the people knew that it is not the perfect combination when racial based mentality still in the heart and mind of most of his leadership.

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