Saturday, September 06, 2008

Blog Comment Post: Revolution of mind: Political intelligence

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My reply to revolution of mind: political intelligence by delasagos.

i don't really have argument with PKR and DAP using this issue for the political ammo. i glad that the PKR and DAP got their revolution and won some states in Malaya. i envy to the point that the malaya people really cooperate and push for the change and they did that, but so sad knowing sabah and sarawak still a strong hold of BN that full with political lies and corruption.

the "CHANGE" that inspired from the us presidential candidate barack obama influenced a bit to the outcome of the latest election result. when few states in malaya changed, sabah and sarawak not change at all. i believe the PR failed to change the sabah and sarawak not mainly caused by the money politic but the split between sabah and sarawak PKR and DAP representative. i saw few parliament district votes splits evenly between the PKR and DAP and BN won by small majority. if PKR and DAP not contested at the same parliament district, the PR can won few seats for sabah and sarawak parliament seats.

why not the sabah and sarawak PKR and DAP working together and distribute their representative one by one againts BN? at least they has a bigger MPs in parliament. even sabah and sarawak contribute big portion of the parliament seat, they're still look down by the malaya MP especially from UMNO. what gave them rights to insult the sabah and sarawak MPs when big portion of MPs come from sabah and sarawak. it is an insult to the sabah and sarawak MPs when the UMNO MPs demand a sign letter of loyalty "akujanji" only from sabah and sarawak MPs not to defect to PR.

i personally felt that sabah and sarawak MPs scared to fights for the well care of their states. they let the ultra UMNO flock them like a lamb and one day used as a sacrifices if necessary. sabah BN state government are a proxy of UMNO based rulling and has no power to decide the policy in sabah. to add more to the pain, i find it so ridiculous to see two malayan people anwar ibrahim and shubrey debated about something that they don't really belong as quote "as their (malay) heritage" about the oil. the sabah and sarawak oil was control by the federal government and coincidentally control by the ultra UMNO or BN.

the problem was, i find it disturbing to listen a wrong people fighting for a right issue. wrong people such as anwar ibrahim and jeffery kitingan those have the chance to make changes but didn't do anything until they were brought down. the same thing with our former prime minister mahathir mohamad. i find it hard to believe the 360 degree changes view he written in his blog. do you think he will write what he wrote if the government run in his favor? he wrote against the badawi government because badawi no longer protect his cronies and him. without his the protection from badawi, mahathir change leaves and distracted people looking at his bad previous thing he done by strongly attacking the badawi leadership and others.

this trend of change leaves and inconsistent among the ex-BN leader is a sickness and shouldn't allowed to be happen. i looking forward to see more new and fresh non ex-BN leader emerge into the sabah and sarawak political scene that can change the mentality of the people and fight for the rights and well care of the states. it is maybe a dream that will never come true but it is a good dream for us to dream about. ;)

It is a bit crude, i hope you all don't mind.


Aj said...

i really like this fair point of view. this is what we call people's politic

Jefferi said...

there is no right and wrong in politic world. the different is how right you want it to be.


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