Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How much you pay for your domestic helper?

I was reading the news at theStar online and saw the poll column below. I voted the third option that gave the Filipino domestic salary around 800 - 1000 ringgit. I clicked my choices and a bit surprised with the result.

Most Malaysian do not think that domestic helper should be getting a high paid. The more labor intense the work is the less it should paid. Many who have the luxury of hiring a maid don't really know the intensity of the work of the domestic helper. Today the domestic helpers do more chores and task a normal housewife.

The poll result point out to one thing, the disrespect of Malaysian to the domestic helper. This is another version of slavery in progress. I saw a younger domestic helper below the age of 18 and doing house chores and work that even the employee never did before at this age.

I believe domestic helper no matter from Indonesia or Philippine should deserve a higher pay due to the intense work they done. The government should be better care of the exploitation to the domestic helper from irresponsible agency and employee that underrate and abuse the domestic helper. Domestic helper should be treating with a full respect because they all are the same no matter the education and status.

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