Saturday, October 04, 2008

Do we need MCA in Sabah?

Today on theStar:
Sabah needs more MCA reps, says Lim

Sabah do really need more chinese representative in the state government but not from MCA. MCA become weak all these years because they bow down to the UMNO policy and slowly neglected to fight for the chinese benefits. How does it make sense to put more lame duck and chicken MCA representative when in Malaya, MCA not function as it should be?

Malaysian Chinese Association is a racial based party that started in 1949 by the Kuomintang (KMT) party as an alternative party to Malaya Communist Party. Since the pakatan UMNO, MCA and MIC was established, the chinese community benefits slowly being taken away until most of them have to move to overseas to find social economic opportunity.

MCA believe that compromise is the way to ensure the peace in this multiracial community. There are no doubt in this intellectual wisdom but this also a cause to the slowly dwindling, less opportunity and benefits in many ways and the neglected by the leader who only interested to stay on power than to fight for the chinese community. With the compromise position taken by the MCA leader, UMNO become more daring into its policy to rule out chinese community in the government development policy. Chinese then has to find their own way to ensure economic opportunity in private sectors and overseas.

Sabah chinese community was not represent by a single race party, most of them represented in a multiracial chinese party such LDP and SAPP. DAP went in to sabah only recently and able to won one seats in Parliament. I don't agree a Malaya based party to represent the benefits of the chinese community in sabah but it should be represent by local party that power based in Sabah. Sabah all these years was governed by the Malaya people by proxy in the BN. This proxy government has no say in anything and most of time taking order and policy from the Malaya based party. This is the reason why it is so hard to solve some great issues such as the illegal immigrant, oil royalty, and economic development that supposed to bring benefits to the state.


guong said...


MCA is currently losing it support back in Malaya. That is why they are now moving their target into Sabah since BN still reign in Sabah. But I think they don't realize that BN is getting weak in Sabah or maybe they are to desperate on keeping their existence as a party.

But either way, any race base party from Malaya always bring racial issues with them just like UMNO. It's really jeopardizing Sabahan racial harmony.

Jefferi said...

BN able to manipulate and exploit the sabah people because of our own ignorance and selfishness in making decision.

sabahan people never be one when raising issue that involved the problem of the welfare of its people state. you can see when SAPP and UPKO expose the same proof of an illegal activities in myKad.

i don't favor any Malaya based parties no matter it is non racial or racial based especially from some party that can't help its own people. sabah chinese better off in the hand of local chinese leader rather than malaya chinese leader that proven to be more worse.

guong said...


yup..agree on that.


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