Sunday, October 05, 2008

Illegal to legal: Has Malaysia MyKad been compromised?

It is a shock to read the expose about the MyKad scandal in the news. Sabahan politician was heating up the pressure to the Federal Government to solve this issue and find the culprits that caused this catastrophic problem to Malaysian sovereignty.

She lost MyKad, now citizenship gone too

SAPP to show proof of Sabah MyKad scandal

Above are the expose that signaling the intensity of the JPN failed in protecting its own citizen. Illegal immigrants can easily purchasing a legal citizenship rather than a fake document in the black market. This is a serious matter that should be investigated by the government and if not it will cause unrest and distrust from the people.

It look like the JPN unwillingness to explain and investigate this matter given an impression that the cause is from the inside itself. I remembered an incident on one JPN office in one small town was closed due it was compromised by certain group to supplying legal Mykad print to illegal immigrant. It was huge news in the town but suddenly disappeared from the public news.

Sabah MyKad crisis is an achilles heel to a bigger problem that could shaken the fundamental of the sovereignty and security of this nation. With the influx of the illegal immigrant that obtain a legal status to stay in Malaysia, it will slowly sideline the local people and at worst taking over Sabah in future. The fear of some administration to admit wrong doing and the fail and delaying in fixing the real problem will break the country in half and unrest in its sociopolitical balance.


guong said...


It involves politic from a certain 'party' (I think you know which party I'm referring to). That's why the government seems to adopt the 'close one eye' attitude towards this problem. Now this problem have already worsen beyond the control of our government.

And the proof SAPP been talking about, well it was quit disappointing to me since it didn't bare all of the proof as claimed by Datuk Eric Majuntin. But at least the effort is there.

Jefferi said...

i hope the effort by our local MP not too late to fix the problem. the problem was, the federal government don't want to admit it is a serious matter that can shake the fundamental of our nation's sovereignty.

guong said...

If the federal government were to admit this problem, they would also have to admit the existence of "Projek I.C" which started way back in the 70', 80' and 90'. They would also have to admit that most 'Malay' in Sabah (which never exist in the 1st place) are the product of this project.

Which I bet they would never dare to admit or they face the risk of losing grip on Sabah. As our DPM recently said, "Sabah is a fix-deposit for BN".

Jefferi said...

admit or not, there must be a solution to this issue. like it or not, sabah is stuck with the malaya for a long period of time.

guong said... true..

金田一 said...

not rili into politic. But I know bout last time got reporter kena tangakap and the raja what what liao..

Jefferi said...

you mean raja petra? oh.. he really upgrading his political resume. :D


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