Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eurocopter Purchase: Just let the monkeys do the shopping.

EUROCOPTER PURCHASE: No physical evaluation done on helicopters, Dewan told

Again, the BN government silliness was presented by the mainstream news. It was saying that our government almost spent more less 1.5 billion ringgit of tax payer money without further research on the merchandise they plan to buy. My god, how can they do this to us? I guess, they don't care because the money not comes out from their pocket. I found it very disturbing when they give out the reason this happened.
He said it was also to maintain the integrity of a six-man valuation committee, to ensure it had no direct connection with bidders for purchase, which was conducted via international open tender.

What they think when they said that? Would anyone buy a car or a house without have a test drive on the car or looking at the property on sport or talking to the seller? That was a most stupid thing to do when going out for shopping. Don’t they know or learn about accountability and arbitrary evaluator or some sort of that thing? It sounds so silly that our leader knew nothing about doing a big shopping for the nation. Might as well just let the monkeys do the shopping then.

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