Monday, October 08, 2007

Self Portrait: A first attempt

After looking at some few self portraits I feel that I should try it out too. With 50mm 1.8 lenses on me now, i do some test shot at myself in front the mirror.

I took some few shot. Most of the problem is that my face expression, the camera position and the face angle. Luckily, the natural light set in so nicely with the shadow and highlight set so balance.

Taking self portrait with both hand occupied is a difficult task. One hand need to hold the heavy camera and another hand need to hold the mirror. Then you need to adjust the angle of this two devices and with a pinch of luck, you might get a good shot with many time of tries.


Gallivanter said...

You shaved your facial hair ka? :-P

I like the self portraits...pretty cool...


Jefferi said...

haha.. you mean shave ka.. ya just shave then take the portrait. it a clean cut look. thanks for your comment. ^___^

kuai said...

u look like 16th...!!..


Jefferi said...

16 years old? waw.. so young.. lol bagus kalao begitu muda.. ^_^


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