Friday, October 05, 2007

Photos: 70-300mm and 50mm f1.8 photo testing

Mother and kitten resting
on top of the air conditioning

My haiku attempt, a Japanese traditional poem. This photo was shot using the long zoom lens. Cheaper version cost less than RM500. According to one photo equipment shop owner, there are lots of different between cheaper and expensive lens. The main is the technology. Most expensive lens is compatible with digital SLR camera and the cheaper one not. Digital lens utilized all the digital feature of the camera such as vibration reduction, multiple point auto focus, better lens and silence mode. Silence mode is important when you want to take sniper shot on animal or when you spying on husband who got mistress. Vibration reduction is so useful when shooting on a moving platform and zooming on a high distance. The multiple point auto focus help to lock on a moving object such in football tournament and high speed racing.

50mm with max f1.8 aperture lens turn out to be so good in low condition light setting. I took some nice picture on my cousin's wedding with it. The disadvantage is that it cannot to be use in spot shooting in such as actual day wedding. The best use for this lens is on presetting shot as everyone knew studio shot. The DOF (Deep of Field) effect is produce by this lens make the object stand out. Viewers who look at the photo knew instantly the focus object in a photo. The effect also can be copied when using a long zoom lens such as 70-300mm when taking portrait. I plan to take some panorama shot with this lens in future.

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