Saturday, October 13, 2007

Portrait: The Cat

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This is some photo that i took right after i some shot with sun halo on my previous post. I find it the cat look more interesting than this sun halo because i just heard my friend told me that he saw this phenomenon last few weeks ago and had shot a photo of it. It kinda feel stupid to read in news paper that this is a rare and one in a life time phenomenon when i did saw it many times.

i remember when josiekupi told me that the cat look so gete or horny. Well i laugh out loud because indeed it look as it. I used 50mm f1.8 lens and 70-300mm lens to on this portrait shot. Both of the lenses did gave different feel. 50mm f1.8 gave a more focus point to the cat's face with it high DOF (deep of field) meanwhile, the 70-300mm gave more detail and close up on the overall cat's face.


lynnx01 said...

If one day I wanna learn all these photography skills, I must ask you to teach! I am so interested yet I never made an effort to learn or probe further.

Jefferi said...

sure..! but i'm not that expert. still on learning process.. ^__^

maslight said...

wuah i love the last shot XD

Jefferi said...

maslight: thanks.!! ^_^


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