Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ipoh Mali: Ipoh almost like version of NameWee

Less controversial than Namewee, another Chinese rap artist Point Blanc, in the making to the Malaysian musical industries. Hip hop rap is the never ending music trend at Malaysia since KRU all the way to Too Phat. They are all going at the same end. No major achievement on the international market except for the local market. Even thou i doubt that if they really make it that big without that over rated publicity.

I don't know when Malaysian Chinese starting to venture into hip hop rap. I guess since the Taiwan and Hong Kong artist started to sing the hip hop genre. Before that we saw some love ballad from Malaysian Chinese all the way to Taiwan like pin guan and fish and ah ngui crash on the half way. Namewee seem to have a chance but i really doubt that he can survive with a hip hop images on his tag. His only break through is when government don't like his national day video clip and he got lots of free publicity online and on printed press. Ah Ngui is the one who bet on hip hop and turn out to a bad investment. His best song was believed to be bought by one china singers and he made lots of money over it.

I don't know if this particular hip hop singer will be able to make big in where ever market. I doubt that he will ever make over next year if he still sticks with the hip hop image. Don't misunderstand me, i like some good hip hop song but it seems like most of the local hip hop artist not really good on their hip hop presentation. It looks like they just imitate the style from some hip hop music video. It has a fake feeling when watching at it. One might think that is great to have some great artist such as malaysia idol jaclyn victor, amy mastura and some other hip hop fella that i not even remembered will help on his popularity in the clip. No one know that the amy and jaclyn not in hip hop rap medium and it sound silly to take advantages on their non hip hop fan base.

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