Saturday, October 20, 2007

Portrait: The Cat 2

I don't have a cat pet, thou i don't have problem to take any cat portrait at my home. My house is a neutral area for cat. They mate, fight and even sleep at my house area. One day, two cats fighting and making so much noises. Never they know that my house has lots of strategic area for me to splash water at them to make them stop fight. The cat featured here is the champion of all cat fight tournament in which i failed to stop. My neighbor's male cat have a record amount of scars on his face and i feel that even on his psychology.

Took this shot using 70-300mm lens. It's so comfortable to take a shot to close up extend without having to move so near to the cat. He sure really a champ good looking cat that just lazy to clean himself.

This is the black and white version photo. I deepening the contrast and let a little more amount of burn highlight to get the same effect on the black and white negatives.

This pose reminded me "The ROCK" WWE wrestler star. I made some adjustment of the shadow and highlight on the photos and deepening the contrast. It might look darker, but the color seems to look nice and natural.


maslight said...

ehem..cuba ko tolong kasi mandi dulu tu stray cat and kasi makan dia..kacian oh...T_T XD

i know it's not urs but...but...kesian oh~~ XD

anyways, i love the shots XD

such a friendly cat *pet pet the cat

Jefferi said...

maslight: all the cat not stray cat, own by the neighbor on the mission of securing his territory. I don't think the cat want me to bath him but if i'm lucky enough i can splash them with water to chase them away from fighting. lol. ^___^


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