Wednesday, September 09, 2009

RM800 is not too much for maid.

He said..
It is unfair to propose that foreign maids to be paid RM800 when some government servants are only getting RM600 as their starting monthly salary, Cuepacs president Omar Osman said.

It’s just not fair. Some locals working in the private sector do not even receive RM800. How can we accept foreign maids receiving RM800 as a starting salary?

RM800 is not too much for maid. Why?

1. They work longer time than the government servant. Government servant in office spent more time doing nothing than actual work.

2. Government servant to social benefits such as retirement fund, medical, bonuses, loan, housing and others assistance where maid benefits is depend to their employer agreement and pity toward his/her employee.

3. Maid work is labor and time intensive therefore that why most women choose to work in air condition office today. Government employers work in air condition office, no motivation towards improving work quality even attending so many workshops and motivational seminars.

4. Maid has no long term work guarantee because their services is at the employer discretion and no stable and permanent increment basis. Once you're a government servant you will get a permanent salary upgrade and bonuses until retirement.

I admit not the entire government servant is lazy and does less work, but the general perspective see the government job is an easy way to earn a living with social and job security without having to bleed out the sweat and standing under the sun and rain.

Link: RM800 too much for maids, says Cuepacs


Fadhli Rahim said...

Employer has to pay for the maids yearly health insurance.

Employer provides accommodation for the maid.

The employer also provides food/meals for the maid.

Employer pays a starting free of around 5K-6K to get one maid from an official agency.

RM800 of course is not enough. RM400 is scandalous. Then how much is enough?

Jefferi said...

1. health insurance is a must in every job especially for health risk job. maid is exposed with health hazard when doing house work. even sitting in front computer tapping all day job has better health coverage than a maid.

2. maid work in longer and odd hours. especially those helping to care small children. it is not an option to ask them to get their own transport, food and accommodation when the employer need them 24 hours standby.

3. blame the agency to ask the employer to pay so much money for a maid. don't blame the maid. they don't earn as much as the agency.

4. i didn't said not enough, what i said it is not too much as what printed in the news. i think rm800 is the adequate, better than 400. the indonesian government didn't demand 1k but only 800. still, the malaysia government and people gave so much excuses.

Universal Human Rights article 24 stated;

Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.

Today, most government and company gave 6 days of paid holidays in a month and extra few weeks for sick leaves and plus public holidays in a year, but maid work in odd hours and less holiday with pay or not at all.

Malaysian complaint so much to their employer about pay and work condition, but when dealing with their employee (maid), they just as same as their employer.

I believe in a reasonable minimum pay should be apply to every job no matter it is for local or foreign workers based on the buying power and inflation index.

article 23(2)

Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work.

i don't expect anyone to agree with me, but at least give it a thought about the unreasonable excuses given by government and employer that was printed in news. it began to sound a bit silly.

ducky said...

I think Malaysia did not sign some major treaties in the Universal Human Rights content, as Malaysia Government felt it was not compatible to our constitution. So there would be certain loopholes as to how human rights is determine in Malaysia. Or I could be wrong.

Jefferi said...

sign or not, there are human rights. it is not right to side away a basic human right because it is not compatible with our constitution as it is an important guide to sustain humanity and civilization. without it, we will doom to exist.

malaysia living in dual reality, one is modern liberal secular idealistic and second the conservative religious hardcore. two don't mix well and trying to influence how the government should run

where most of the world making progress in their human rights records, malaysia still left behind due to the differences.

where even cats and dogs was protected by law in most western country, we malaysian don't even care for well being of their maid or foreign workers. it is a new waves of slavery and exploitation without we realize.

it might be impossible to change the way of thinking in here but we have to start from somewhere. the best place to start is to understand the hardship of others.


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