Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Petrol Price hike and Product Price Hike

I was in a coffee shop having a drink with my relatives and my uncle was telling me that the drink price is on hike again due to the hike of petrol price again.

I remembered that we had a petrol price hike up to RM2.70 per liter and it created a domino effect on the entire consumer price in the market. I understand those price hike because the manufacture want to cover the transportation cost of the material even thou i believe the rate of hike not making sense.

When the petrol price dropped down to previous RM1.80 per liter, I don’t see any price drop in any consumer product or the drink in the coffee shop. They keep silence and the consumer didn't demand for the drop price of consumer product.

Now, with price 20 cents hike on the RON97 petrol to RM2.00 something due to the introduction of RON95 to RM1.80 something, i see a relevant and obvious rate of hike drinks price on the coffee shop but not on the consumer product. I wonder if this price hike is justified and caused by the hike on the petrol price.

I don't see any justification of price change on the drinks and selling items in the coffee shop or any consumer product. It is quite ridiculous to see the petrol hike with consumer product price hike but not vice versa. I believe many business owner earn more that they deserved and keep quiet about it.

I see a greedy act by the coffee shop owner in my town and with the amount of salary still the same, we will see the buying power is getting lower and the business owner is getting richer by exploiting the recent fuel hike.

I am not a expert in market and economics but it don't need an expert to see this problem and i wonder why the consumer society have nothing to say about it. I voiced my concern and what do you think?

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