Saturday, September 12, 2009

Loose Change 9/11: Final Cut

I am not certain with all the allegation in the movie is fact or false, but one that was clear in my mind is the government will never tell the whole truth. The government will do whatever they could to manipulate and exploit the people's mind for their own benefits and to maintain power as long as they can. No matter what happen, the truth will dig itself out sooner or later and the people will not be fooled again.

Malaysia also has its own controversial incident from the death of Sabah's first Chief Minister Tun Fuad Donald Stephen, the sex allegation of Anwar Ibrahim, the Najib's linked mongolia homicide to Teoh Beng Hock sudden suicide at MACC building.

At the moment, the internet technology are able to let the people see the truth where it is impossible for a big government or an institution to hide and cover up the truth. People are getting smart and wiser looking at one incident and not easily accept the mainstream explanation. Curiosity to know more about things and events gives us a fighting chance to people who conspired to manipulate and exploit the mass for their own and group interest.

Even the movie doesn't convince me much about the 9/11 conspiracy, i believe the truth is still hidden. It ironic to think of the people elected government could do such tyranny to its own people to reach a goal that eventually effect many people around the world. I believe every government has its own secret and conspiracy. I just hope they will not sacrifice the masses to achieve their political goal.

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